It's very sad!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. The Last 10 minutes of Lassie come home!
  2. as was the whole of the rugby on Saturday
  3. You can say that again
  4. even as a wales fan I couldn't take much joy from it, although it was good to see england get a good stuffing
  5. When Mickey dies in Rocky 3
  6. when willem dafoe dies in platoon - makes me cry everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Spending an hour or two on RR and you realise how much you miss the MOB
  8. When a general M&M is given but you are duty!!
  9. When you are duty on a lazy sunday routine...
  10. ...when Bambi's mum got shot..... (I had my kids with me and had to look brave)

  11. 1st night alongside in UK! :sad:
  12. Stuck in Plymouth Sound after a 6 month deployment because they have closed the river due to fog , :evil:
  13. only having a NO-FLY DAY every other day
  14. when a Writer in your office has a DOB after the date you joined up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. When you find out that you shagged one of your killicks mums when she was in the mob! Not sad that he looks nothing like me!
  16. The piano music at the end of the incredible hulk when David Banner walked off into that lonely sunset.

    RIP Bill Bixby
  17. In the Caribbean, on duty in the bridge watching the Flight Deck BBQ and pi**-up on the monitor
  18. Carter hit by sniper at the end of Get Carter.
  19. when I get my pay chit at the end of the month and see that the Dutch Taxman has snaffled over 1/2 of it - Barstewards! :evil:
  20. Rememberance night at the Royal Albert Hall, As Standard Bearer for the Royal British Legion it gets emotional

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