Its that time again!!

Discussion in 'Charity' started by X.R.D, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Hello. Its that time again where I try to annoy you guys enough that you bung a few quid my way for my nominated charity which is the R.M.B.F.

    I've attached a link so please donate what you can otherwise I will send the boys round.

  2. BUMP
  3. I have my first donation from a Rumrationer in the form of the lovely sweetpea.

    Thanks very much :) :)

  4. Once my Tax refund arrives I'l send something your way mate. Maybe bits of the tax clerk who overcharged me in the first place :)
  5. Nice. I believe feeding body parts to pigs can eradicate all sign of human body parts!! :twisted: 8)
  6. Sounds good to me :)

    Feet first into the pen while still alive should do the job. And the contents of the buggers wallet can go to the Charity :D
  7. Nah tongue first as they are still alive and you dont want the buggers to be heard screaming.

    Anyway back to the point which is my chosen charity.

    Please donate what you can folks, i'm at £15 and want to be further on than that by tomorrow night.

  8. BUMP

    I'm at £15 and would like to be further on by the close of play today.

  9. Pigs will devour all parts of the human body, however they do tend to shit out the teeth, so you may have to find some other way of disposing of a set of Gnashers !!!
  10. Thanks for that. Judging by your monacle I see that you were a chef which kind of worries me somewhat!!! :D :wink:
  11. Hardest course the pusser runs mate.... :lol:
  12. BUMP!!!
  13. BUMP

    I'm now on £30 thanks to the efforts of Soleil.

    Come on guys chuck a few quid my way however small its goes to a great cause!!
  14. BUMP.

    284 views of this thread and £30 raised. Dig deep folks or sleep with one eye open!!! :twisted: :wink: :D
  15. Topshop.

    Thank you kindly mate. I'm at £40 now so keep the donations coming and make my getting piss wet through worth it!!!
  16. Youve been in female company for too long, its stop not shop :D

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