Its spoz to be FUN!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by josiecats, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Soooooooo its the summer hols and I relent and let the kids play our PS2.
    ( yes am mean and limit to about half a hour a week i during the school term)

    Whats really getting to me is that instead of playing th game and doing all the tasks my boy just buggers about, I have in me the need to rip the controller out of his clamy hands and say THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!, when I mentioned to him that maybe he just just play the game. he said

    BUT Mum its just a game! your supposed to bugger about its called having FUN!!!!

    well that SHUT me the feck UP !!! ( not for long though!)
  2. Sell the PS2 mate, and buy a Wii for the whole family.
    Now, they ARE fun!!
  3. I personally think it would be fun to remove all children from my vicinity to somewhere else - say outer Mongolia. I don't give a toss if they are having fun or not!
  4. Have you met Mrs Grubber,

    I think you'd get along famously!

    (I fear for the Grubber family line. :sad11: )
  5. Ahh but there is something to be said for stuffing your kids at bowling or cow racing! :D
  6. I think there would be more to be said about stuffing your kids in the cupboard under the stairs for the summer.
  7. If one is going to stuff them then surely one must mount them above the fireplace?
  8. That would also work for me. Although perhaps they could be mounted above someone elses fireplace? They will make my lounge look untidy.
  9. I think the best place is in a glass cabinet in the Natural History Museum, as an example of what we had before GM Children.... Taking 6 months to reach adulthood from birth, mature, witty and intelligent..... unless they were destined to be matelots.... in which case the mature bit could be programmed out...... :biggrin:

    Right, where's me green coat? :dwarf:
  10. Fully in agreement with that.

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