Its quiet in here...........

Has anybody else noticed how quiet the RMR forum is? (NO posts for 2 days!!)

Obviously we will never be as busy as the TA forum on ARRSE for example purely because of the numbers game, but if you take into account the fact that there are several hundred RMR ranks, attached arms, hundreds of potential recruits and families/friends, we really should have a greater following with more frequent posts.

So come on all Bootnecks, Recruits, followers and friends - get the word out about this site and boost our numbers

it's 'cos apathy is a zen experience, try it. (it's the antidote to keen pills) the only reason that the pongo's forum is so biz is because there's farsunds of them with nothing better to do and anyway wouln't you prefer to be listening to Gary Glitters greatist hits?

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