It's Paedogeddon!


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What next, the Pope getting kicked out for kissing a choir boy on the (fore) head! Or blessing the ill?
Obviously the mother is a twot! Yeah if the girl had been kissed in private fair enough, but a peck on the cheek in front of the school? Nonsense. Still, in this day an age you basicaly can't go wrong by staying away from other peoples sprogs, safe bet.
Is this right and fair? Maybe not, but since when did fair ever come in to it. Bottom line, if it aint your kid, stay well away, then you are safe.
The ridiculous thing about this is that all the authorities have treated the complaint as a serious one and the church almost seems to be saying the mother was right to complain. Child protection is about protecting children, not about over sensitive mothers.

Now if the complaint had been about trying to seduce the poor child into becoming a church member that would have benn different.

The Church of England should hang its head in shame.

That it has not come out in full support of one of its clergy, for whom there is no suggestion of impropriety, is a testament to its weak kneed leadership. Where is the Archbishop of Canterbury's support for his man?

Come on Bish, get off your soap box on the state of the world order and do the job for which you are, no doubt handsomely, paid. Lead your workforce through a tough time by example.

Our society will only become less litigious if we start to fight these greed-orientated claims, rather than give in to the PC brigade at the first opportunity.
Now without sounding like a bible bashing door knocking Jehovas Witness type.

I remember the one where Jesus said "SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME" .

Yep no videos at the school pantomine and no cameras full stop just in case you are one of those paedo pile. Just wait til the pic pops in the local paper or the official school photographer sells his copies then you can go get what you want.

No more helping that child that is lost or hurt like the song says "JUST WALK ON BYE"

And as for being a first aid type forget it the femoral artery is to near a zillion dollar claim area!!!!!

Friend of a friend teaches rugby on a Sunday [ex GB team] if a child is injured he has to send for the parent due to the no touch laws.