It's only pain....

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Ueshiba, May 24, 2008.

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  1. 500 metres to go!

    Anybody got a pic of that CTCRM sign? Or a link to a pic. Cheers! :thumright:
  2. Cheers XRD, it's going on the wall in my gym! ^_^; :thumright:
  3. That would be excellent thanks. Maybe a few phots of leafy lane, Red roof barn etc would be good aswell mate!! :thumright:

  4. Cheers, nice one. :thumright:

    Is Sam's still there???
  5. And all those lovely glass panels whereby you can watch yourself dance like a mong in perfect company :thumright: :thumright:
  6. Bloddy hell, next thing we'll be in the Turk's Head, despite the PIRA threat. :thumright:
  7. Right thats me having to up the sleeping tablets to get to sleep. Not only that sign and the mention of Heartbreak Lane, Red Barn etc, but Sams, that's just bloody cruel. Having flashbacks now.... BARSTEWARDS. :threaten: :thumright:
  8. Hmm i've woken the NJP up on occasions when i've been doing the endurance course in my sleep with Sgt R shouting in my ear that my timings were gash and i should get a move on. The bastard tricked me and i passed out in 62 mins!! :thumright: :thumright:
  9. Or the Deers leap but wasn't that only reserved for YoYo types *cough*
  10. Joy of squishing. arrshole like you were grinding broken glass between the cheeks, blood pi$$ing out from somewhere......and that was just a night out in Sams.... :rendeer:
  11. I feel like throwing up. Those picttures of the lanes are truly rancid :pukel:
  12. I must be old school Luke but that sign is shite mate!! Bring back the old one i say!! And as for the lanes..................
  13. FFS i did'nt mean the Picture quality i meant the fecking disgusting memories. :thumright:
  14. Any sign on the tree would be gash XRD, As anyone that has ever legged it southbound past that spot blowing out of his ring knows there is no fecking way its 500 metres to the 30 metre range. its about 12 miles at least and then you have that fecking bridge over the MSR. :pukel:
  15. Ah the strategically placed bridge over the MSR and the long commando shuffle down the main drag to the range. Deep joy mate!! I had to do it with a SLR and 58 pattern as the RMR weren't issued SA80's and the PLCE shite until 1993!!
  16. Who was the model for the puffin' Bootneck on the 'It's only pain' sign?
    Looks like he's had a few pies and pints, oh just about right then really. :thumright:

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