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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by One_Eyed_Willy, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. I'm sick of being Mr nice guy. Sick of bein f ucked over. From now on i gonna be me. Fuc em all

    Sorry rant over
  2. Whats wrong? Come on do tell what has tipped you over the edge?
  3. evry f ucker, fuc it
  4. Time of the month, is it?
  5. JD
    Pot calling Kettle, come in, over........................ :angel12:
  6. Do unto others before they do it to you.
  7. Judging by JD's signature I think she has been done all ready!!
  8. women?
  9. Wasnt me!
  10. come on then, who was she?
  11. Some French bird I think

  12. Lets shove a 34 week baby inside you and see how that makes you feel. Bet you 100 quid, you'd bite within 20 mins :thumright:

    So, this french bird, does she have a name?
  13. i dont know what her name was in french. but seeing as she was both french AND female, i bet it translated as "thundercunt."
  14. If the baby's late will s/he be charged with being adrift? :wink:
  15. So anyway, getting back to one-eyed? What's the score??

  16. Just one of those bad days at work, no women involved. Normal office bull

    :pissedoff: :argue: :violent1:
  17. All have bad days mate, fcuk the office!!!
  18. Dont get angry get even....piss in the tea urn or superglue your bosses car locks.... always works for me in relieving stress...either that or 14 pints of Stella and a good ***kin hot curry! :wav: nil illegitimum carborundum! (and yes I know it isnt proper latin Chief Tiff :thumright:
  19. Only 14 pints of Stella ???....amateur :rendeer: :rendeer:
  20. Stellar! well its gnats piss Euro Fizz Shite try ten pints of rough scrumpy to be a man my friend. That will de-stress you as your teeth fall out.

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