It's not what you say it's the way that you look it.


War Hero
Dumb Insolence.
Ring any bells and stir memories? Your "DO" or any other piggy wig you were engaged in discourse with suddenly become Mystic Meg and knew what you were thinking, even though you may well not have been.

I fell foul of a certain TASO who was OOD in Mombasa one hot and steamy morning. We were alighting from the last "K" boat to get us off without being adrift, and it was like a grid lock on the accommodation ladder due to this person inspecting the liberty men as they returned.
Anyone who has ever spent a few weeks in Mombers will affirm that it is not the place to visit if you happen to be dress or fashion conscious.
The dress of the day is usually casual slacks (no jeans allowed in those days) and a "thousand miler". These would end up a bit stained and bedraggled after an hour or so after stepping as the climate and the environment are not conducive to smart attire.
Add a dirty drunken debacle of a weekend at "Silver-sands" and you have a recipe for dress code disaster.
In-front of me on the aforementioned accommodation ladder was a certain OEM Wilnecote, a rather dry witted reckless sort of rating, and very secure he was the only bugger within 1000 square miles who had the slightest knowledge of Teleprinters and the "BID" cards that went with them.
Just in case he did not know the TASO informed him he was in a disgusting state and drunk. (Pure genius this officer possessed).
This brought an almighty cheer from the assembled ranks.
Lt Gri... did not like this and turned to me who was in a very similar if not advanced condition to the OEM and said "You might think I'm a prck but you won't think that when you digging out in the afternoons scrubbing the Mortar well out. ( His reference to my future afternoon pastime on number 9 punishment) At this point I had not spoken a word and did not as we were moved inboard at the rush as the skippers launch approached.
Later in the fore noon I was piped to the Reg Office and trooped with "Dumb Insolence" 14 days 9's. 8O :evil: :cry:

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