It's nearing that time of year again - Poppy Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Fkn hate that song
  2. I dont like it either it does not seem too remberency to me !! :tp:
  3. Yes it is that time again
    I regret to say that working part time to top up my pension with HMRC our poppy collection boxes rattle, nil, zilch,

    900 staff, six wearing a poppy (the tin does not rattle I bought mine first day out elsewhere)

    I was requested to remove my Veterans badge, as it may offend the others, (the ones that get an additional free paid hour off work to attend mosque prayers on Fridays, and a special quiet room of their own for daily prayers)

    I am 71 they 30 or under of all nationalities mainly Scottish

    My mission on Friday is to take round a poppy collection box in my own time and embarrass the lot of them into at least giving if not willing to wear

    For this I will fall foul of "HMRC Values JACK"

    Jack McH (WHITE-TRASH)
  4. I'll be the fat biker collecting in Gosport Asda during the day thusday and friday this week
    Come and say hallo and stick a few bob in the tin
  5. We are not allowed to wear poppies at work, and nor will we be having the silence, because of the "ethnic community" of workers we have. As Jack McH said, it's the ones who get paid to pray and have a room to themselves to kneel and moan.
  6. Where do you work? Have you brought the matter up with your management/union?
  7. I have Guzzler. He is a muslim. Nuff said.
  8. Not allowed you living in Iran or someplace!?
  9. Mmm...

    There are quite a few of these in the mob apparently; Wicca's, Nordics, Emacs, Iglesia Maradoniana (Church of Maradona) and not forgetting the ever-so-popular Jedi religion!!

    Swings & round-a-bouts..!
  10. This can't be allowed, shurely?

    What happens if you do it anyway?

    I'm not having a go, J.McH I'm just puzzled.

  11. When I first read this I glanced at my calendar...( its OCTOBER not APRIL :whew: )

    Is this happening all over the UK?

    Go for it Jack embarrass the lot of them :rambo:
  12. Go above him then.

    That can't be legal unless under some kind of weird H&S legislation surely?
  13. I worked in KSA for a long time, and they had no problems with the expat fraternity wearing Poppies, and they are ultra Islam, being the centre, so to speak, of the Muslim world.
    They understood that it was a commemoration and remembrance of those who died, and not a glorification of war.
    But then, you have some who can't or won't be convinced whatever you say.

    Perhaps this guy ought to be reminded of the Muslims who fought in the World Wars, and also that some of them fought in the SS Handschar Division in WW2

    Go ahead and wear your poppy, and your Vet badge, I do, along with my Ensign and Fight4 badges - I'm sure a two fingered, or less, salute would not be amiss, and the meaning quite clear !!
  14. It's probably a local thing, I've seen a number in HMRC and DWP centres.
  15. Not so much ultra- as a very narrow and literalist form of reformation Islam. In any case the wearing of the poppy is not a religious demonstration, it has nothing to do with Xianity, although the established church does act as the focus for most remembrance events in the UK.

    However, getting back on thread. The poppy man posters were up in London over the last week, although I didn't see any trays of poppies out until this weekend and we had someone round the doors on Sunday evening. I haven't been in the office yet this week but my firm usually have them on the reception desks and most people end up going through several, as they don't survive for long.
  16. SWT and J McH
    If your bosses are BRITISH then their religious persuasion should not come into it. 11 Nov is a BRITSH commemeration, not a Christian one (or any other superstition for that matter).
    Wear both the poppy and vet's badge with pride. :thumright: Anyone who is offended deserves our utter contempt and scorn.
    It's a choice thing, not something that can be ruled about.
    Makes my blood boil. :pissedoff:
  17. I at least work somewhere where not only does the management allow poppies they encourage it and sound a siren at the 11th hour just to remind every one to observe the silence
  18. Probably because the RBL requested that they are only put out from the 25 Oct, as it was in the letter I received with the poppy box.


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