It's my frigging birthday!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by tommo, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Another year older! Cornwall is redders! I will be having a few tonight.
  2. Many happies etc. have a goodn.
  3. Happy Birthday tommo:blob::blob::dance::dance::eek:ccasion7::eek:ccasion7:
  4. Well if it's your Friggin Birthday,

    Many Friggin Happy Returns Of The Friggin Day.

    Staffordshire is like the West Indies.
    Full of West Indians.:laughing2:
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  5. MHROTD look you; and down it in one, Tommo:

  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Have a good night Lofty.
  7. :party::eek:ccasion6::eek:ccasion4:
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  8. It's your birthday and that is fine. Now, swiftly moving on!
    And all the best.
  9. Cheers you cnuts.

    Rummers I'll be driving through Staffordshire very quickly and without stopping on my way through to Shropshire tomorrow. Stoke just reminds me of the Britain in the Blitz village at Flambards.
  10. I want to touch you.
  11. Tommo, I would just like to mention if you are going to Shropshire from Cornwall and pass through Staffordshire, well basically your lost.

    For a small fee :evil3: I could arrange some luggage bearers and a guide to get you past the war zones.:laughing2:
  12. My girlfriend ENID BLYTON,told me i was a Wizard under the sheets,and that staffordshire is called 'The Blackcountry' just add prozac for the Sunshine.
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  13. Happy Birthday, enjoy some of the rattler!
  14. in that case if your having a few,don't read the label on your medication,and we won't have this bollox again next year,
  15. Happy Birthday Tommo.............I hope someone near and dear buys you a road atlas as a prezzie...(see Rummers post)
  16. Happy Birthday mate!! :)
  17. Happy birthday Tommo

    Thought I would buy you something off your wish list
  18. happy frigging birthday!
  19. Tommo,


  20. Happy burfday, hope you lose your ID card and full house on the way home.

    Have you thought of getting a TomTom, Rummers has one and plays a very nice tune or so I've heard,

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