Its just me iisn't it

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Bored, work in the morning just watched a documentary on last years riots interviewing the cnuts that happened earlier. Please beleive me I am most positively not racist, however, most of the cnuts that were interviewed were afro caribean young and had trouble stringing a sentence together, how the flying fcuk are they ever going to get a job paying a decent salary with fcuk all education and fcuk all motivation except producing yound white equally stupid females to give them babies and the associated welfare benefits. Until some brave fcuker in goverment tackles this benefit won't wortk cos its beneath me culture we are not going anywhere. White, asian, caribean, we got to work together and the lazy fcukers that won't work get their benefits stopped. Not difficult but no fcuking party has the bollocks to implement it.
    Rant over off to bed
  2. Oh the irony.
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  3. Ahhh, pick up on how the message is being said and not discussing the meaning of the original message. Very good, very good. Common Purpose at its finest.
  4. What common purpose? Sorry, Common Purpose. I have no common purpose with reactionary bigots.

    One of the main issues appears to be rage about the communication skills of 'afro caribean' (sic) people. Isn't this stance a little weak when the original post barely reaches the literacy level of a twelve year old?
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  5. But well strung together innit?
  6. I don't recall Stan_The_Man torching and running riot in towns and cities in the UK. That is my differentiator. But I am happy to be corrected if he was one. Why you think that this is a racist issue intrigues me.
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  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    flymo, to some, if you dare to talk about race its racist
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  8. I watched it and turned it off after getting bored of their self pity. It seemed to that the world owed these cunts a living.

    Black, white, pink, purple these feckers were grade A thickos that deserve a round through the face. That would sort out a small amount benefit wollers.

    Stan you need to be careful on here, you will be labeled as one of Hitler's henchmen for making comments like that!! I learnt that last week.

    Right off to my BNP, EDL and combat 18 meetings now.

  9. Did you watch it Guzzler? They way the people spoke on there, makes Stan's post look like a long lost Shakespeare sonnet.

    However the phrase "you get me bro" every thirty seconds is ironic.
  10. Yes, the strangulation of free speech. Rather fascist if you ask me. Oops, that's another word that is used selectively nowadays. That's me up for another hiding .. ah well ...
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  11. Well, it's nice of them to check. The illiterate fucks.

  12. Oh it's a courtesy thing. How nice.
  13. I haven't 'strangled', or even attempted to strangle, anyone's free speech. I made a comment. It' speech.
  14. How very dare you, you fascist with his head.
  15. Though jesting Wrecker you have hit the nail on the head. If I, or anyone else, have differing views to the 'anti-(perceived)-PC brigade brigade' I am apparently against free speech. All I did here was comment on a post which consisted of, amongst other things, criticism of the linguistic abilities of last year's rioters, which itself was written in very poor English. I found that profoundly ironic and worthy of jovial comment.

    I also did not mention racism, but those who 'doth protest too much' have to chuck that one in as well.
  16. There should be an addendum to Godwin's Law. I've had a few conversations with civvies, who, when I didn't agree with them call me a fascist, which, ironically, is a fundamental of fascism. They don't like it when you point that out either :icon_smile:
  17. Could you publish a version of this in proper England so I can decide to argue or not.
    Fuckin foreigner.
    An if ya want some street cred stop talkin to Wreckler, he'll bring you down.
    Stick with the likes of me blue eyes we'll show you a good time.:wink:
    And you can shut the fuck up wrecker I know what your gunna say. Common bastard.
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  18. Shove it...
  19. I didn't read the replies to my post for a few days on purpose, my thoughts are exactly the same, Guzzler you're a lefty cnut, however, I do feel rather insulted that you chose to insult my grammar in Diamond Lils??? what kind of Torpoint twat are you??
    We piss about with the lefty faggot, we got rights brigade, while many decent people in this country struggle along in the current climate but contribute to society by working and paying tax. The cnuts think we owe them a living for doing fcuk all except mugging youngsters and the elderly. It isn't just black people its the lazy fcukers with no social skill, anti establishment attitude who's parents and dare I say it grandparents never did a days work in their lives and passed on the skills to obtain maximum benefit from the state and give fcuk all in return.
    I was dragged up on a sink estate in Lancashire went into care with my young brother at the age of 10. He is now alcoholic and hasn't worked for 10 years, my older brother is exactly the same only he hasn't worked for 15 years. I think my experience allows me to comment on the fcuked up society we now choose to tolerate and continue to support. I for one would prefer to let the fcukers starve.
    Now get off the bus
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  20. Wrecker, wrecker, wrecker, calm down.

    Love the pic you sent mate, is that the main house or the summer house you bought on eBay?


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