It's grim up North

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Pete_N, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Has anyone read this article? Obviously, given that I am a northerner I think it's a load of sh1te. The suggestion that all of the people in the north should migrate to the south of the country is absolute nonsense. The only benefit that I can pick out of the "think tank's" findings is that we would be a bit further away from the Jocks, but I trust Hardian's Wall will stand strong enough to save us the bother of turning into plastic cockneys.

    Certain areas of Liverpool and Manchester are beyond regeneration, I agree, but so are areas of London as well as many other southern cities. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Even if none of you could give a toss, I reckon the North vs South slanging match that will no doubt follow will be a laugh.
  2. Define North. I am Cornish so basically my definition of a Northerner is anyone who isn't South of Brizzle :bball:

  3. Don't you mean anyone not the Cornish side of the Tamar are Northerners :lol:
  4. Very true.

    Brizzle? Geordies!
  5. From what I have seen of the report it is as one might expect the victim of headline grabbers who have no real interest in the content.

    Even so I suspect it still misses the key point that until Westminster stops spending the lions share of the budget on London and the South East the rest of the country be it the South, the South West, North or wherever is doomed to failure.

    The biggest subsidy junkies of all are the good citizens of London
  6. That works for me :salut: :thumright:
  7. buuuuut.... if everyone moved south - woulddn't the country tip/tilt and then the jocks would be catapulted over Hadrians Wall and well.............. :biggrin:
  8. What you have to remember is that us Northerners look down on the Southerners so to speak!
  9. I have to say im quite happy for you Northerners to stay where you are. It will mean we can get more of the low-life benifit scroungers down here in jobs!
  10. You have to remember that from the goverments/civil services point of view London is the centre of the universe; everywhere else is merely a province.
    Certain exceptions are made for Surrey, Sussex and Kent which glorify in the title of 'Home Counties' even despite their almost total lack of any decent infrastructure.
    Here in Sussex we have about 6 miles of motorway with cross county journeys taking a year and a day! All other roads are not fit for purpose. True there is a decent airport in Gatwick, but that has only one runway. Our trains rarely run to a decent timetable on Sundays and vast areas of the place are prone to sea erosion or flooding.
    True we have better beer (runs and hides) without frothy washing up liquid on top of it, and a trip to the mainland can be for a day, not your entire years holiday. By and large the women don't wear white tee shirts and black bras, and I can't remember the last time I saw a whippet or a ferret!
    So, you lot up north are probably far better off staying there.
    Is that enough to convince you :thumright:
  11. Maxi
    While the government may subsidise those in London, they do very little for the rest of the South of England.
    Please examine the amounts of help given compared with Scotland, Wales and many of our Northern cities (North East and North West).

    The social security system has caused what was a working class to degenerate into a shirking class, examining the map of where benefit dependence is greatest shows large enclaves of the population who will not work because the social is so good to them.
    Are we really to believe that 50% of those living in Merthyr Tydfil are too sick to work?
    When a social security system is seen to be the lifestyle choice of several generations in the same family there is something wrong with the system.
    The reporting of unemployment figures is also flawed, they only show those not in employment but drawing benefits. There are many in my area (myself included) who are of employable age but not working. We are not drawing benefits because our pensions (which of course we paid for) nullify any benefits payable.
    Several of us are worse of because these pensions mean that other allowances which can only be claimed by those on benefits are also withheld.
    This means that those on benefits are frequently better off than those who have worked for the majority of their lives and saved a little.
    The overhaul of the system is well overdue.
  12. Watch the Jeremy Kylle show:
    You will soon see that the the benefit system is the 'lifestyle of choice' for a great many people.
    In fact I think that the daft bastards who appear on the show may actually think they will be 'discovered' or be whizzed out to Hollywood.
    More likely is that the social will clock how much they have been paid and deduct it from their 'earnings'.
  13. The North is surely Scotland? To me however the North is Bromley and beyond, so London counts as part of Northern Britain! :twisted:
  14. When on RNR exercise at Loch Ewe our RNXS colleagues said "Down south in Inverness"
  15. Baaaaaaaa! The South is anywhere south of Ny Aalesund.
  16. Unless you are in Muckle Flugga :thumright: Or Out Stack :bball:
  17. just a matter of history really,if the dashing Harry Hotspur,finest fighting man of the era and son of the Duke of Northumberland, hadn't received an arrow by some Welsh archer, the House of Commons would be here in Northumberland!
    Not complaining though looking at the state of the MP's that inhabit the place.
    Act like a bunch of schoolboys IMO.
    Time the Forces took over! Just joking,I think.
  18. Now you have read my Expert Witness's statement, I rest my case My-Lud they seem to have found in favour of THE SOUTH.

  19. oo this is all a bit worrying, I am going oop norf to a wedding in Wakey this weekend. Will I escape? Will I be scarred for life? Will I end up talking like a norfern savage?
  20. From someone living in Fareham, you'll be all about on savages and chavs, eh, Rosie?

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