It's damn cold...

I had to take about 10 days off running because my girlfriend was up from Folkestone and I was ill.

Tonight was the first time I went out in 10 days and my lungs felt like they just wanted to close down because of the cold. I wore 2 t-shirts, a jumper a hat and tracksuit bottoms. As well as trainers and socks, of course.

Any tips on how to stop the cold affected me so much?
Cold? FFS get a grip.................this morning i had to break the ice off my deckchair.......and wear a long sleeved T Shirt................and put socks on before wearing my sandals....................FFS.....what a wimp.
Yes it was cold. It was unpleasant. I don't deal well with CV at the best of times, nevermind after a week and a half out and in the cold and rain.
I want to join as...I don't really know anymore. But I don't want to join as an RM.

I have plenty of time to get fit, though.
You have to work at/up to -40 deg in Norway before H&S calls a stop so just as well you don't want to go Royal, eh?
Better request warm weather drafts only. Try the Jamaican Coast Guard.
The cold doesn't bother me. I love the cold- I just can't run in it.

I've lived in places that get very cold. I was in Inverness for xmas last year, I found it mild enough to wear shorts. So...Great stuff.
NotmeChief said:
wet_blobby said:
Cold......its 34 degrees here and I'm having a bar-b-que with NZB later.... :dwarf:
Up yours, hope your beer gets warm.
I've filled up my daughters paddling pool with chilly water and will chuck in a party bag of ice later followed by copious amounts of bottled beer. Frosty beer, high temps and steak off the Barbie. Sweetas Maaaattttte!!


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wet_blobby said:
Cold......its 34 degrees here and I'm having a bar-b-que with NZB later.... :dwarf:
Currently -16 here with snow on the deck - despite this weather, the barbecue was uncovered yesterday ... the cover was blown off in the high winds! Sadly this same wind brought down power lines so if the power outages continue, the barbecue may well be put to good use as a means of cooking.

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