It's Chesterfield


Lantern Swinger
"Up Periscope"..."Stand By to Surface" A long range U.S submarine
comes up out of the sea...on goes the blowers...out come the cigarettes.
Flash of white packages in the sunlight...familiar white CHESTERFIELDS.

:thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
Remember they were big with the Elmers, but never with us (unless they were charitably donated, when they were snaffled up like hot cakes). Anyone remember Pall Mall ? Used to pay 5/5 per 100 untipped - they now sell them SuperKings tipped in my local Somerfields £4.03 for TWENTY !!
Peter Styvescent(?) advertised as cool as possible on Radio Luxembourg at 2345 at night (shouted up the stairs.....'you kids aren't listening to that radio are you'....'NO dad...honest') Fade in anddddd fade out, ahhhh memories!
I never smoked them or any brand. Just remember the adverts. It's easy to see why they banned (eventually) advertising ciggies, kids are so impressionable.
They went a bundle on 'menthol' and how cool they can hot smoke be always puzzled me!

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