It's Cardboard Day.

BBC Breakfast news (on a loop) is running the story about it being National Cardboard Day. Give your kids some cardboard boxes! Let them play like you used to play! No X-boxes, mobiles, television, DVD's...just good old fashioned cardboard boxes. Pretty good tale here, which shows that a 9 year old came up with the original idea (which in turn went viral via the non-cardboard internet).

Imagination Foundation

Having a working knowledge of cardboard will actually ensure that quite a lot of kids should have a roof over their heads in later life:-

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to empty a load of Xerox paper boxes and build myself a big fuck off model of Thunderbirds Tracey Island.
Will poor little mites be put at risk, though, from the use of sharp knives and pointy scissors? Will the Imagination Foundation be liable if any poor child cuts itself and is emotionally scarred for life?

Anyway, it looks like a good idea.
What? Surely treating them to large plastic bags would be more fun. I used to wake my three year old up, by taping smoke alarms to her ears and then pressing the *Test* button. She soon got the message and had the house cleaned and breakfast ready before I' even had chance to take a shower, and beat her pet tortoise to death with a chair leg.
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