It's been 14 month since my interview

Hi, everyone

It's been 14 month since my interview where my CA told me it's a 12 month wait to Raleigh for seaspec, passed everything apart my medical first time which I passed second time.

I'm getting quite frustrated because I've been told 3 different months July, October and January intakes
Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this delay? Or in the same boat.


War Hero
There are simply more applicants than vacancies unfortunately. Sea Spec is now about 18 months test to entry.

Very often, those applying for Sea Spec are advised to consider Warfare Spec as the jobs both have several common elements, but Warfare Spec has a wait of less than six months at present - probably because many assume Sea Spec involves driving fast boats and Warfare Spec doesn't (it does!). Sea Spec also involves learning morse code/flashing light signalling. Warfare Spec doesn't.


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You could certainly swap your branch prior to joining & join quicker...But, fully research the job first, there are differences. Don't join in the expectation of switching after joining because that won't happen. Make sure you are happy in your choice and choose it because it appeals to you, not just because it is quicker. Also have a look at ET(WE)CIS if eligible.
I've had a read on the website and it does sound a lot more interesting than sea spec but I'll do abit more research and search on here tonight
cheers for the help!!

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