It's all too much

Always_a_Civvy said:
Tell mum you're on Special Duties, so she cannot ring you, or better still tell her your on a secret mission off Iran for the British Royal Navy, and tell her your code name is Sam Dicosta...
Is that PTI, QM Gunnery Sgt 172 Battery 7 RHA (para) then Steve? Cos I'm a bit confused by now....
fredflinstone said:
brazenhussy said:
fredflinstone said:
Been in the navy three months and never spent a Christmas at home.
My Mom 'phones every day.
really - get a life
I assume your Mom doesn't phone you. Have you considered The Samaritans?
Fuck off Fred!!!

Leave BH alone. Your Mother brought you into the world and no doubt she can take you out. But I'm second in line mate...
I don't think so laddie, I am from Guzz and I do not call my mother 'mom'.

and no, there were not a lot of americans down there in the war. They might have been in the countryside around the south hams but by and large not based in plymouth.
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