It's all kicking off between Israel and Iran (again)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by admiralscruff, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Another excuse to test long range weapons and add more meat to the military industrial complex.... bla bla blem - see finks...
  2. Love the way the those I Airforce F15 and F16, can do the business!!! be like operation Opera again!!!! Only this time in Iran.
  3. Not really breaking news to be fair we always have known this was happening
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    I love the hypocriscy. Israel is just as guilty (actually more so) as Iran on the issue of nuclear weapons, and yet somehow this is "forgotten".

    Why isn't the US threatening to bomb Israeli nuclear weapon installations ?

    Alright, I agree that Iran is a mad-dog state, but it is no use bending the law (and commonsense) to justify an attack. People who support this legal doublethink need to look at their way of thinking. It was this sort of idiocy that got us into Iraq. If you are going to support a war you have to be honest in your thinking and reasoning. "Honesty" is the last thing that is happening here.

    (Palestinians and many Arab states also regard Israel as a "mad-dog" state for its illegal occupations, land-grabs and treatment of occupied territories.)

    - Oh, by the way, even if you think that Iran should be bound by the non-proliferation pact and Israel shouldn't (NOT SENSIBLE) - so far Iran has NOR broken the treaty which only needs them to declare themselves 9 months (??? to be checked ???) from production of a weapon. Even IF people are hypocritics they should at least know what they are being hypocritical about.

    Clear thinking, not hypocrisy and double-standards.

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  5. pg , you dont mess around with the Israelis, and threaten them. You will wake up one morning and find the Nuclear plant at Bushehr Iran Flattened, same as the Nuclear plant at Osirak Iraq was !!! courtesy of the Israeli Airforce
  6. Oil again!
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    Scouse -

    So you don't see any hypocrisy in supporting what you seem to be claiming is an agressive state (that qualifies as a war-crime by the way) which has non-treaty nuclear weapons ?


  8. Ninja_Stoker

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  9. Mark my words, Israel will kill us all.
  10. Israel only has to lse one war and it will cease to exist.

    Then again, presidents in the ring, one cream cracker in the centre and a porn mag each - GO!
  11. I think that's a good solution there.

    Iran might be a Mad-Dog state, but I'm never going to support a war of aggression by a load of upstarts, who, frankly, given the way they've behaved, don't deserve any of the lands (East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza, etc) they could.

    I would suggest that Israel and Palestine in their entirety should be placed under UN control, in the way one deals with children fighting over a toy "if you can't learn to share, neither of you will have it". I am more sympathetic to Palestine, but they're not exactly angels, really.
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  12. Unfortunately that was the situation 1945-48. couldnt see it working any better this time. If they tried it again you would have two lots against you.
  13. When you look at it, they are all Arabs (Israel (Jews) included) - same Gene Pool ... the only "claim" that Israel has on their present land is based on a book which at best is a collection of stories e.g. figment of someones imagination. Agreed some of the stories are very old but the origins of which are suspect as being in turn based on older stories from other cultures. Its like saying I own x bit of land because it says I do in a book by Enid Blyton. What ever possessed the "powers that be" to create the State of Israel at the end of the war defeats me unless it boils down to natural resources i.e. oil ... and who could be manipulated best to make sure the West kept control of it all.

    I'm not sure putting the UN in is the answer as both sides would turn on them and they (UN) would be seen as the aggressor ... better to put a general embargo on them ... no one / nothing goes in or out and let them sort it out ... last one standing!
  14. It was largely created because they felt bad about the holocaust and didn't want it to repeat
  15. Seems to me that the partition of 1948 was the main cause of all this strife; prior to that, Palestinians and Jews jollied along nicely for several thousand years until *someone* drew a line in the sand and decreed that >'this' is Palestine and <'that' is Israel - then the shit hit the fan bigtime.
    Back on-topic, I'm just wondering how the Arab/Israeli conflict might affect what's going on in Iran; okay, let's say that they already have nuclear capability along with quite a few others - isn't that simply a demonstration that they are equipped for retaliation if someone else starts rattling sabres at them?
    As for Iran being a "mad-dog" state, as I understand it Iranians (well, most of 'em) are amongst the most westernised in the world - so they are going to be very aware that if they do start playing up, they'll get nuked in return.
    It's all about the deterrent angle from my perspective.
  16. The problem as I see it, is that the more countries that have nuclear weapons the bigger the chance of one of them using them.
  17. The timing of all this (in terms of making it public) is very interesting in the context of the alleged involvement by Iran (which they have of course denied) in the attempted assassination of a Saudi prince in the USA.

    If I wanted to write an espionage thriller involving a small country's MI5-type dirty tricks team (let's call them "Mustard") framing a neighbouring enemy (let's call them Iron) in an attempt to ensure that a large and powerful regional state (let's call them Sordid Barbeque) kept out of any subsequent political or military fray, I don't think I could get off to a better start.

    Ooh, don't you just love conspiracy theories.
  18. First off, Mossad is like MI6, Shin Bet is the domestic security service. Im jewish myself but would be the first to admit that Mossad, just like the CIA, MI6, ISI and god knows who else, uses dirty tricks to get what they want. Its hardly a revelation that an assasination of a dignitary in a foreign country may have been a ploy to trigger a war/invasion of a sovereign state, look at how WW1 started!
    I do agree with the assertion, however, that Israel does take the urine sometimes with settlements etc. Youve got to remember though that there are extreme elements within Israel, (hasids), and they are breeding like rabbits. They have seven children on average per family. Therefore they now have much more of a say in what happens in Israel, cos they are the fastest growing section of the population.

    Netanyahu is also a right wing politician, hes like an Israeli George Bush, very much a neo con etc. Barack Obama is so left wing he is virtually a socialist, and had a muslim stepfather. He is not known for being a major fan of Israel, despite the fact that the Democratic party relies on a significant amount of donations from wealthy american Jews. Every politician/country has their own agenda, shock horror.

    Israel still gives a significant amount of aid to palestine, despite the fact that the ruling party is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Furthermore, during the most recent incursion into Gaza, aid trucks containing food, medical supplies and water were driven into Gaza from Israel. Leaflets were also dropped by the Israeli air force warning civilians to keep out of certain areas. The BBC would like you to think differently, but its true.
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  19. Who said anything about Mossad? ;-) I think you must has misread my post!

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