It's a write off...

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by R12_CV, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Spilt my beloved steed this morning and apart from the bruises, feeling pretty pissed off :pissedoff:

    crash 002.jpg crash 001.jpg

    My fault unfortunately, kindly assisted by a fecking bus and 80 year old who couldn't make a decision between them!!!!!!
  2. Every sympathy, and here's hoping that you have escaped with neither injury nor ASBO.
  3. Feel for you mate, hope your alright. At least it doesn't sound like a SMIDSY moment.

    Apart from the fairing damage what else is responsible for it to be a right off?
  4. Ouch !!!, hopefully you'll be back on 2 wheels soon.
    Any spill you can walk away from isn't too bad.
  5. Commiserations mate, I lost my Bonnie two years ago, and still mourning.

    Spid I spent loads of time on two wheels.
    Unfortunately It's in a car.:toothy3:
  6. Is all the damage cosmetic? You could get a few flashes from a breakers yard, and if the colours all wrong, get it sprayed matte black. NINJA style!
  7. Hope the Rozzers arnt interested. Arnica is, allegedly, good for bruises.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    How did that happen?

    You have scrapes down the off side and greater damage on the near side.

    Were you trying to squeeze between the bus and car?
  9. This only happened 500 yards from home on my way to get the alternator seen to. I'm still at a loss as to why this this happened?!

    Sober, alert (obv not enuff), visor down and undistracted by totty, travelling at 25ish MPH following silver/tarmac coloured Ssangyang which suddenly brakes-I slow- he then goes. A bus travelling opposite direction suddenly pulls out from stop a sharp 45 degrees, 'forces' 80 YO Ssanyong driver in front to anticipate a collision forr'd and so anchors.
    I brake and skid, let go and correct, brake and go into second skid with a bump and spill stbd side too.

    Here's the weird bit, fairing on both sides fcuked but especially on the near side..?!
    Rest of damage is radiator (200) bars and fittings (150) exhaust o/s (250) fairing & fittings (1000+) plus the Ssingsong bumper by dealer. Oh, and a frighteningly big dent in the petrol tank where my plums nestle. I reckon the big bruise on my hips can account for this....thankfully.

    Anyway, a payout of around 3k should give me a deposit for a BMW GS....
  10. Tough luck but glad to hear you're safe. I used to have similar scrapes on my own Honda (70cc of snarling fury).
  11. Have the tee shirt. sorry mate, ride safe.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    So you bumped the back of the motor and dropped it on the other side.

    Accidents happen!

    Buying a GS will prevent you from ever dropping it again.

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