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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Billy Q, Feb 19, 2016.

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  1. One of our daughters paid for us to travel in style with BA on a recent trip.
    My wife was relieved of a blunt-ended pair of small scissors by the security staff at London Gatwick.

    We dined in style on the aircraft using sharp steel knives and forks and proper crockery and glasses we could have smashed into slithers and killed the entire crew with.

    Rum Ration will have some security experts to explain--What's the reasoning?
  2. I may have missed something but I can't recall any ne'er do wells starting their trouble from 1st class or Business class.
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  3. So what's to stop those malcontents from purchasing a First or Business Class ticket? Are there rules I 'm not aware of?
  4. Nothing at all. But they more often than not pay for their ticket with cash to try and dodge nosey security people. Be honest if it was going to be your last flight would you want to pay the sky high fares in the higher classes even if you had the money? You would want to leave your bereaved family a little money to be remembered by.
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  5. All BA cabin staff are Uri Geller trained and can make knives mad of steel bend just by looking at them
    However this is a double edged sword as it seems to have made male cabin staff bent as well
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  6. If? Your scared of flying , don't fly, if ? You are scared of terrorism , don't travel, if? You want to live to old age, find a secure bunker, I am running a book, you choose the odds, BE GOOD.

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