Its a knock out in Cambria

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Flagtosser, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Hello there!

    Just wondering if any other units are going to its a knockout at Cambria, I hear it a good weekend!
    Hope to see some of you there :thumright:
  2. Just watch out for PO O'B, he's a big OD! Not really, he's a top sailor, the best in fact. :afro:
  3. Yes, we will be there. Eight, drunk, soft Southerners. :thumright:
  4. That will be CPO O'B and hes even bigger now. It is a brills weekend and we look forward to seeing you all here again.
  5. Mate, he could be an Rear Admiral, with all the scrambled egg and ornaments in the Andrew hanging off him, but he'd still be an OD. :biggrin:
  6. Don't know the SR concerned but please watch his persec ladies and gents.
  7. Sorry mate. :thanks:
  8. i spoke to him today and he's overcome with emulsion at your comments....
  9. He should use that emulsion on his house- ive seen it and it could do with a good paint.
  10. i've just seem him again, he said your a cheeky cnut!
  11. Can someone remind the dates for this momentous event.

  12. Is there a fancy dress theme this year? :afro:
  13. Deleted!!

    hope this helps. see you there if your coming, if not, why not?
    Please communicate the dates by PM guys, the location for this is mentioned in the title.

    Security, unlike crevice, is not a dirty word!

  14. yes this years theme is 'bling'....... :afro:
  15. I can't wait to see taleban with bling!

    Or is it burka chav chic?

    Cunning bastards the lot of them!!
  16. ok ok i take the point about opsec regarding the dates, but what the hell has the theme being 'bling' (or anything else for that matter) got to do with opsec?
  17. I've just seen CPO Obrien and he said he's got the Paint and one of the games is to paint his living room. I can't wait to see the colour.
  18. thanks for PM Mazza. Confirmed my worst fears as I can't make the weekend again.

  19. Couldn't give a toss about the theme. My edit was WRT the dates.

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