Its a joke....Right?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Rumrat, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. I've just been having a shufty at the figures of foreign aid we are about to hand out to the world.
    It totals a staggering 12.5 billion (if I can trust my imported calculator) One particular handout, that of Yemen gets right up my shonk. £133,000,000.
    In 1967 they were trying to kill me and couldn't get their Independence quick enough. Let them eat the AK 47's they were buying by the cart load to bid me and my kind farewell. :evil: :evil:

    Oh sorry I have just remembered, it was Fuck off Imperialist bastard, but leave your wallet. Sounds like divorce. 8O

  2. Why are you so bitter to our less well off friends.
    Live and let live, they've never done me any harm.
    We should live in peace and harmony together.

    Anyway, time for my therapy so must dash.

    Ps: totally agree with you, just had my fluffy head on.
  3. In my mind this is one of the worst legacies of the Con-Dem coalition. I would like to think that the Tories, had they won outright, would have put 2 fingers up to the principle of doling out huge amounts of overseas aid (kept doing some for the sake of appearances I suppose but reined a lot back) and would certainly never have even dreamed of making it law that we actually increase the amount whilst at the same time trying to find savings of £81 BILLION!!!!! Bloody Liberals!

    Of course, as my tag line says ....
  4. I concur, this smells of Liberal 'guilt' of colonialism. It seems it's the price the Cons have paid for getting their way on other issues.
    The real price, of course, is paid by Joe Public.
  5. Its about time we dropped this misguided sense of "National guilt we seem to have over the past.
    In Germany they have the attitude yes the Holocaust happened but not this generation, get over it or live with it.
    We still (despite being a major player in ending it) seem to constantly apologize for slavery and the misspent years of colonialism.

    I personally do not give a monkeys left testicle what my ancestors did, If your grandad was a murderer who was discovered after he died, you would not expect to be hung for his crime.
    Yes things were rough in the day, so friggin what.
    I concur that this government are not a true representative Tory government, but are sleeping with the enemy to retain power but eating ample amounts of sh1te to keep the bus rolling.
  6. I remember all the bleeding heart Liberals on the Aldermaston marches, sporting their CND badges and chanting "ban the bomb"
    And they were not small time irrelevant libs but the top guns.
    Standing arms linked with Michael Foot and Anthony Wedgwood Ben.
    Oh sorry he did a call me Dave as well.
    Sorry Tony your much more approachable now your not a lord, did you reject the money as well?

    I do have a soft spot for the Libs though, the statement by Jeremy Thorpe's Gay lover was priceless, and gave me and much of the RN a good laugh for months.

    "I knew he didn't love me anymore, he used my body then made me sleep at the foot of the bed". You couldn't make it up. :D
  7. Foreign aid should be stopped full stop!!.to borrow monet to give to someone else is rediculous mor so because of what is going off
  8. Give the monet back and maybe buy a picasso :D
  9. :laughing3:
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    If a private bankrupt borrowed large sums of money solely to give awayhis creditors would jump on him HARD.

    NB 'Ring-fencing' foreign aid was one of CAMERON's PERSONAL re-election promises, presumably he felt he could sail home without the votes of actual Conservatives.
  11. If that is the case then I stand corrected - however, ring-fencing is a long way short of increasing and enshrining in law!
  12. Which is what Clegg has promised to the UN.

    All very frustrating really
  13. The Galah's should already know the extent of feeling towards what they are doing.
    So to sail in the face of the wind on this one is to either be completely out of touch, or blatantly disregarding the people.
    This 56% popularity they are claiming is, they should remember, only of those questioned. They have I fear not cast their net wide enough.
    In view of quite recent history regards social behaviour in these islands they must know that the British are not against civil disobedience, just longer to reach ignition.
    Wonder if they will regret downsizing the police when the shit hits the fan.
    Maybe call out the Army if there is one left.
  14. We should drop all foreign aid and spend it on getting this country sorted out. I appreciate there are less well off in far flung countries but mostly caused by corrupt governments. Aid money lines the pockets of officials or is used to buy arms etc to keep civil wars going. Maybe by cutting it out it might prevent some of it happening, although some other country will supply it instead probably.
  15. Aye, or to use the phrase my Grandmother once used to say, 'How can you justify helping another nations poor and needy when your own people are in need'.

    Look after our own and get our Nation back on its feet first and then consider giving a few pennies to the beggers of the world
  16. I really have no problem with feeding and protecting underprivileged in the world. It should be done direct by an organisation like Oxfam not handed to governments.
    Secondly Nigeria? They were dictating world oil prices not so long back and not sympathetic at that. How are we subsidizing an oil producing country?
    Do the Saudis need any pennies? I have just cashed my Giro 8O :D
  17. Tyke's motto......
    Hear all, see all, say nowt.
    eat all, sup all, pay nowt.
    and if tha' does owt for nowt, allus do it for thisen.

    Time for a seige mentallity comrades... man the barricades !
    :rambo: :rambo: :rambo: :rambo:
  18. That wall a little further north could do with some work on it..... :p

    And Im sure we can rustle up some mines to pop in the Channel. Rebult that flame wall thingie churchill had on the Beaches during Round 2 of the Great Britain v Germany 'disagreement' 8)

  19. It's a bloody disgrace and had the Tories won outright I have no doubt they would have done the same, after all it makes the millionaires club look like all round bon oeufs to other world leaders. :evil:

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