It's a hip-happy day!

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Waspie, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Just received my papers for leaving my current job!!! Over the moon.

    What with compo, pension blah blah I can smile again.

    My two pensions, Pussers and CS pens. I can afford to sit back and enjoy life. That said, a nice little part time job would be nice to get me off my arse once in a while.

    I have to survive my shit existence until September but it's in B&W - I am going!!!! :wave::walk::eek:ccasion5::numberone::sunny::love7::cheers:
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Good on yer mate, I hope it all pans out for you.
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  3. I've been there for a few years now, it's a bloody good life. I work one or two days a week to get me out of the house, mainly with ex servicemen so the crack is good. The sad thing is that we are probably the last generation to have this. Our kids are screwed, years of crap politicians and bankers ripping us of. Need I say any more.
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  4. Nice one oppo.
    Is your replacment in England yet?:love7:
    PS. Lend us half a sheet I wanna get a couple of wets and a bag of chips.
  5. Totally agree p.t. Sad times for the kids of today.

    Rummers, No relief matey. That's what makes it even sweeter! The jobs a goner and there paying me to **** off. As for your bag of chips - ok !!!!:thumbup:

  6. As you're a "civil" (yeah right ) servant, and your job is being done away with, it must mean you worked in the department for home help or old age homes or something else we sacrificed to help build a city in bongo bongo, or somewhere.When you sell property in UK if you are in receipt of state pension Credits) you get one year without accountability.
    As I receive a pension, I am entitled to £7.00 a week Pension credit.
    By receiving pension credit, both my wife and myself are entitled to free prescriptions, and I have 5 tablets daily as does she.
    Now they are telling me that because of the fact that I have not yet bought a property and have a substantial amount of savings that from the end of march my £7.00 stops.
    Either I spent £208 on prepaid cards or all my savings on medicine.
    If I had never saved and pissed it all up or just got here it would all be free.
    God helps them that helps themselves?
    Yeah but England don't.
    Still when they finally pay my compensation, I'll watch with a smirk as the health service shudders again and as I seek private treatment will smile at the dying.
    I may even pass round the strepsils.
  7. Congratulations. Enjoy your no doubt, well earned retirement.:eek:ccasion5:.( Isnt that what they called the SA80 when it came out at the start.'The civil service rifle'. It wouldnt work, and you couldn't fire it...:dance:)
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  8. Welcome to the retirement club old chap! You took your time. :thumleft:
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  9. Enjoy your retirement Waspie.
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  10. Lucky lucky barsteward enjoy I can only dream that day will come I am bored with the work stuff
  11. Welcome to the club, get down the stores and draw you Wurthers originals, bus pass and flat cap
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  12. Originals?
    I'm from Tamworth, I have to have sugar free.
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  13. Sorted, no charge.
  14. Thanks mate if there free I'll have a gross, can you express them?
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Does retirement mean compulsory paedophilia?
  16. Fingers crossed.
  17. I think you must have misunderstood when told that you'd have more time for "kidding" about.
    Stop practising immediately.
    If you're doing EVT for the priesthood, crack on.
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  18. You may be hip-happy me not just check on the Gov pension calculator site re retirement age and state pension age, barstewarding Gov my state pension age is 66 and there I was thinking 65, I have to do a whole years more work before I can claim my state pension? :twisted::frown:
  19. Sore subject in my house. Mrs Waspie has to work 6 years longer due to her birthday falling the wrong side of the line!!!
  20. We are entering the end game unless we go back to basics, grow our own veg and fruit, keep a couple of pigs for xmas (sell for booze) keep chickens and build our kid's homes in our spacious backgardens!

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