It'll never last...

I thought schools were supposed to secure after Dunblane. Now, it seems, any demented matelot can wander into a classroom and make proposals, indecent or otherwise, with impunity. What is wrong with the world????????
Is it too much to hope that this current fad for theatrical "proposals" in public will quickly die out? A class full of impressionable children will now think that this is normal behaviour. In practical terms, what value did it have? She was hardly likely to say "piss off you nobber" with a bloody audience, was she. Even if she felt that she wasn't ready to commit herself, the pressure to just say yes must have been enormous.

When will the popular culture soaked noo Brits get it through their thin skins that life isn't one big sodding television show?

Rant switches to "off"!
Point taken about the overly-showy way the country is going, but actually, reading the article, she responded with a resounding , 'Yes'......bit different to the last post I saw where a woman proposed to her boyfriend on the factory floor. He was less than impressed.Truly awful.

Seems this is a done deal though and therefore would advocate a little temporing of the cynicism.
I think it's really rather sweet, although depends on the couple.....personally, I would prefer it done at the top of a mountain or somewhere private....but still.
i think its really sweet

he could have done what i did, look love if we get married we can save some money through the married tax allowance, etc etc

then they scrap it - shite c*ck tit w*nk


Lantern Swinger
An old oppo of mine was fed up of waiting for her bloke to propose to her, so she got herself on the Generation Game and proposed to her bloke in front of Bruce Forsythe and 10 million viewers. His response was classic: "Eeeeeeeeeeeerm........................OK!".
That was almost 10 years ago. I met her last year and asked how things were. Did they get married? Did they f**k. He binned her for humiliating him on national television. There's a lesson there for all of us - but I don't know what! :bball:
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