Italian take away ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Given the tender years and innocence of his alleged female companions it seems highly unlikely that Berlusconi will suffer from the same medical condition that once afflicted 'Scarface' during his (to be confirmed) incarceration.
  2. Under Italian law the chap has two appeals, very unlikely that given his age he will ever go to prison, for such a minor disdemenour as tax evasion, which after all is an Italian pastime. I mean which of us can cast the first stone, i know that i have not declared the free ice cream i got from an ex matelot, who was flogging them on Plymouth Hoe.
    in my opinion the Tax Man should be done for gross theft, taxed when you earn it,tax if you spend whas left of ones miserable wage and heaven forbid if you die showing a profit of so much as a pair of underpants, they'll hit you with inheritence tax.
    No sir Belesconi is a victim of a capitalistic society nd is being penalised solely for having a monstrous wanger.
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  3. Prison sentance already reduced to one year, due to legisation to prevent prison overcrowding
  4. Bearing in mind that this bloke has been making the rules up as he goes along.........they're his rules.
    As for the tender years and innocence of his female companions, they are also his rules, which carry more clout than Jimmy Savile's...... 'ows about that then !
  5. In Italy they could have nabbed you if you walked away without a receipt to show tax paid on the purchase.

    Here you'd only have needed to declare it if it was a payment in kind/services rendered.

    (Ermm - Your 'ex-' wasn't a DJ, too, was he?:shock:)
  6. No, old ships, he was making a veritable packet and lashed all four of the family to a top of the range Ice Cream.
    Now to find out if i've any old shipmates working in the tailoring business, lost a lot of weight recently and am in need of a few new clothes...anyone out there served on either of the last two Arks and in the tailoring business.

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