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They say it's aimed at the younger generation that use the internet- I wonder if this is the start of the English language becoming the one spoken language around the world, rather than every country having it's own dialect?


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Genuine question - Has it really increased footfall through your doors? For RALEIGH and BRNC? Regular and Reserves? Not fishing, really interested.
Purely anecdotal rather than confirmed fact, but my understanding is our contracted call-handling centre were briefed to expect an increase by approximately 100 applicants a week. Word on the street (unconfirmed) is that they've increased by 100 a day.


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The current RN ad campaign is about the most successful I can remember.
It may be successful but aspects are annoying. Other than scoffing at the public misappropriation of the noun 'engineer', I'm reluctantly chuckling at the ' can fix a Type 45' credit. Fixing 6 Type 45s is a big ask. If you can fix just one, you'll be one blue eyed boy, or girl.

Excuse the diversity fail.
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