It was you lot... Wasn't it

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by noshmon, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. It wasn't the station officer I posted about recently, he's dead.
  2. And where was Jenny-D`s heroic Brother when he was needed ?
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  3. Tutoring Batman in the heroes annual refreshment course
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  4. You won't fuckin laugh at JD's bro when you need a superhero will ya?
    And if you send me any more of those stupid PM's telling me Santa and the tooth fairy are not real I'll report you to Good CO.
    Maybe bring the Mods in on it as well, then you'll be fuckin sorry.
  5. What the fuck have gay hillbill's got to do with it?
  6. Its a sheer wonder to me that a person can put that thing in your anus and make your teeth better.
    He said it would work after about thirteen sessions.
    It hasn't made any difference yet but I struggle on.:smile:
  7. Wasn`t me chief :salut: someone hacked my account honest.... Havent seen the tooth fairy for a fair ammount of years

    but just finished my letter to santa for this year.
  8. Mmmmmmmm...OK but I'm still watching you.

  9. Oh dear.....
  10. Fuck you got a pic of Guzz, you're a cool fucker, he's a spy.
  11. Yeah and I aint forgot that some bastard on R.R. posted that Alf Tupper and Wilson weren't real !!!!! They'll be saying that Roy doesn't play for the Rovers next or that Captain Hurricane is beef.!!!
  12. Says a lot for QA, he gets set to Soton General for treatment and he fell out of a building in Pompey.
  13. Perhaps he bounced!
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  14. May have something to do with the fact the a) Soton is the regional Trauma Centre and b) The regional Neurological Injury unit is there too!

    But I can understand the reasoning behind not wanting to go to QA!
  15. My Dad didnt rate Soton Gen, prefered Bournemouth, and he knew what he was talking about.(Retired Director of Nursing Services). May be its improved but talking to my clients I dont think so.
  16. I like the terminology. "He is currently fighting for his life"... No he fucking isn't. He launched him self of a 50ft building! He's fighting for his death but the sadistic health care is keeping him alive thinking "That'll teach the fucker"
  17. As these videoing incidents took place in Chavchester should we be surprised!
  18. Can't say I disagree with him having to deal with them most days ... but thems who we are stuck with at the moment!

    Ever thought of a job with "The Samaritans"????
  19. To plagurise red dwarf:

    I had a job with the samaritans for a day. 5 people committed suicide. I wouldn't mind, but one was a wrong number!
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