Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seenoffteefcuk, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Who gives a ****?

    Cadbury's chocolate is shite anyway. Give me Mars or Nestle any day of the week.
  2. bigger picture dash cumon its on CA mate not LILS i am doing the LILLS version now its titled what type of chocolate tastes best licked of lady parts
    (or man parts for jenny)
  3. or the dark, bitter chocolate like Green and Black's.
  4. seenoff

    I can't remember the colour of the constituency in which this factory is situated, but I shall be watching the voting pattern for it with interest.
  5. It was inevitable and (TBH) obvious as soon as they said that no jobs would be lost when they initially started the takeover bid.
  6. Before this becomes a "slag off Kraft" fest, Cadbury's had already decided to close this plant and move production to Poland before the takeover. Maybe this was one of the reasons that Kraft saw potential in buying Cadbury's out?
  7. Fair one, sorry.

    It's not like no one saw it coming though. I'm sure the Bourneville site's days are numbered too.
  8. As an (irrelevant) aside. Do you think they will make man-size Curly Wurly's again, not the shortened version (they were made by Cadbury's weren't they?)
  9. I do bloody well hope so everything is bigger in america

    CA is boring im off to LIL's
  10. I can see now that the factory lies in the constituency of Dan Norris, a DEFRA Minister, who just squeaked in last time.

    There is a boundary change coming up but Dan is the Labour candidate for the new constituency. ermm All the best with that one, Dan.......

    Even though it is true that Cadbury had its own plans to close the factory, I suspect that it is this moment which will feature in the minds of the local voters as they go to the polls.

    It was interesting, locally, that the “Bristol†workers showed little concern that the Krafty Americans would likely make their Brummie comrades (TU speak) redundant.

    Not so happy faces in Westoland now.
  12. Well Kraft allegedly did say they wouldn't shut it down most of us realised this was to appease the general public those of us who didn't possibly should have when that snake tongued, ex mp, bent, snivelling, bar steward mandelson got involved.
    How can one man be so devoid of any morals is beyond me and still get asked back in by the goverment who ditched him in the first place.
  13. Perhaps it's something to do with his irrepressible boyish charm ... or else he knows where the bodies are buried!
  14. which is, of course, owned by Cadbury
  15. Mate they never got smaller, you just got bigger. It's all about perspective.

    This cow is small, this cow is far away :D
  16. Here's NZs best chocolate manufacturers response to the news,
    As Cadburys is one of Dunners biggest employers we maybe sunk, if Kraft decide to 'rationalise' in this region. :cry:
  17. Does that work for Waggon Wheels as well?
  18. David Kellys maybe, just a thought. 8O
  19. I wonder if Kraft did the standard asset stripper drill and thoroughly “reviewed†the Cadbury pension fund. Just idle speculation, though, as an upstanding foreigner would never do such a thing. I’m sure Bobby Maxwell would agree with me; if he were alive today.

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