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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Ok- i expect some incoming from this but here we go anyway ( :shaking: :shaking: )

    Their appeal was live on Sky News , and the question I have recently begun to have expected from journalists to ask them, actually did happen but from a german journalist.

    They were told that some people actually point the finger at them, not just as irresponsible parents but as possible been involved in the case!!!!!!

    Now - I feel very sorry for child, and as the first report hit the media I did for the parents- but as more details emerged my sympathy for them vanished.
    I still feel very sorry for the child--- but it all seems very weird....
    Gerry McCann couldn't answer the question re: their involvement, I also thought it very interesting that he referred to the campaign as "successful" then had to back pedal very hard as he knew that was the wrong word to use. Yes it has been successful in making celebs out of the McCs but as far as I can see it hasn't brought the desired outcome i.e. finding Madeleine. It seemed that only after blurting out the word successful that Gerry remembered that finding Madeleine was the main aim of the campaign.
    The cracks are beginning to show.

    Let's hope the British press/media asks similar questions in a live setting:


    'GMc, can you talk us chronologically through the events of the night
    of the disappearance ?.' (If not, why not ??)

    'KMc-as the nanny of the three children would have a close relationship
    with the children, would you agree that it would be beneficial to have an interview with her ?'

    'GMc-what are your views on carrying out a polygraph test on
    everyone who was in the hotel/tapas bar on the night of the disappearance.

    KMc-'have you considered spending some of the 'Team McCann' fund on
    hiring private investigators to search for the child ???

    (will now s/b for incoming!!!!!!!!!)
  2. No incoming from me.

    Saying the 'campaign has been successful' actually sends shivers down my spine.
  3. I think, if we are honest, we will all have thought something along the lines of "One of the parents did it". I'm not saying it was outright murder, perhaps an accident or other example of their parenting skills.
    I think that most Police forces would consider the McC's actions as criminal (As I do) and although the family has my deepest sympathy the hard questions certainly need to be asked.
    Standing by.
  4. It doesn't bear thinking about as a parent - tough questions need to be asked but-

    YE GODS!

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be what is being speculated upon.
  5. From day they ave seem to have been too detached, cold almost. misinformation has been spread 'the children were check every 15 Min's when it has now been revealed that there was 50 Min's between the last check and discovering the child had gone. Who ever is responsible, we can only pray that she is found safe and soon.
  6. Likewise...
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Unfortunatley I still maintain the poor little tot is dead, the longer they take in finding the body the less evidence they will gleen from it.

    I hope I'm wrong.
  8. I would have thought they would have excluded them from the very start but its still a strange question to ask.
  9. I think it's a personally reasonable question to ask - and it's something police do regularly. How often have we seen grieving husbands, boyfriends etc put up at a press conference, pleading for someone to come home or appealing for help... when they perpetrated the crime themselves.

    I'm certainly not saying that is the case here but that doesn't preclude asking the question. Yet again the media thought police are saying what we can and can't do. Can't show a picture of the Diana crash, can't ask the McCanns that, can show July 7 bombers causing carnage in the tube or planes flying into the Twin Towers...

    I'm just surprised it was a German asking the question. I mean, Germans are never renowned for their bluntness...
  10. Can't say about the Portuguese bobbies, but isn't it standard procedure from all western police forces to check the family members first ?
  11. Team McCann and the PR campaign…

    And your starter for 10:

    Who is Clarence Mitchell?

    (a) The McCanns Press Officer

    (b) The head of the Governments Media Monitoring Unit

    (c) A Foreign Office Official

    (d) All three.

    Yes, from the get go, the Governments top PR guru has been running the PR show for Team McCann… odd that, and allegedly, our Gerry is a Mason. Would that explain why the media are giving him and the rest of the group a free ride here in the UK.

    So fare, none of the other members of the party have been identified even though they were also leaving their kids alone, and were is the Nanny in all this? To date, we only have the McCanns word that they were the perfect family, no one has come forward to speak about their homelife.

    And another thing… there are rumours in the portugese media that the McCanns story is not all it seems. The Portugese guests in the adjoining room reported that they heard Maddy screaming hysterically on the two previous nights and told the staff, it was this that prompted the Management to remind the McCanns that they did have a childrens club were the children could be left when they were at dinner. Likewise, there are rumours that Mrs McCann never left the table the whole night until the kid was found missing despite her claims, and strangly enough, not a single member of the party has come forward to corroborate either of the McCanns 'recollection' of the events of that night prior to the dissapearance… odd that.

    This is the most surreal 'investigation' I can recall in many a long year. The only people who saw Maddy all night were her parents, there is no evidence of an abduction, no evidence of anything, no forced entry, no screaming kid, no witnesses, nothing, zip, nada… yet, we have the situation were the 'official' line is whatever the McCanns say it is, and it is them that have stated she was 'abducted'… as far as the Portugese are concerned, the evidence only supports a missing child…no one in Britain is asking arkward questions.

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