It was me but it was fun while it lasted

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Thought I better come clean. I made up the fake Nails account.

    Sorry everyone I saw the real Nails' crayon scribblings on the other threads and his fake X.R.D. account and thought I would have a bit of fun. What can I say, slow day at work.
    Apologies if I really have upset anyone, I realise I am only a sprog on this site.


    P.S. I reserve the right to use the fake Nails account from time to time to wind up the real Nails as it really is quite good fun.
  2. Yeah and you can f'ucking admit to the fake XRD one too. You've caused mayhem today with your childish antics.

    Apology accepted though.
  3. Fake X.R.D had nothing to do with me. It was hard enough trying to be two people at once let alone three!
  4. No its not, its easy; the voices will tell you how to do it........

    .......and also what they will do to you if you don't!
  5. Well I think we've found the guikty culprit here. Hope he will be dealt with accordingly so the rest of this forum can carry on constructively as usual.

    Move along folks. nothing to be seen here now.
  6. I have f*ckin problems remembering my own password, how the f*ck did you get his? 8O 8O
  7. It's amazing what he achieved by adding a full stop :lol:
  8. Woah there Nails, not so fast, we still need to find out who the fake X.R.D is and to be honest my suspicions lie squarely with you shipmate.

    My bold, 'constructively?' In my short time here I have discovered that this forum is primarily made up of the following:

    A few sprogs who can't be arrsed to go to the AFCO or use the RN website, asking for advice about Raleigh.

    Some genuine users who are both amusing and helpful in their banter.

    ....and you posting large amounts of occasionaly amusing drivel in order to wind people up and get attention.
  9. Wot he said :thumbright:
  10. HoooRaaah for me then eh bredren. I see what your saying. I'mn the only interesting thing about this muthafuckin joint.
  11. Personally I log on here just to read Ron Jeremy's latest outburst, now that is fecking interesting!

    Edited to add: You are not interesting, just mildly amusing, much in the same way that the Daily Mail cartoons are worth a chuckle but will never produce the side splitting laughter that a proper publication like Viz or Private Eye might achieve.
  12. I'm not TRYING to be anything. Just being myself hombre.
  14. Basically 2_Deck_Dash made a couple of impersonation accounts in order to troll the forum with. Oh and XRD and WreckerL are gay lovers. that's all there is to know.
  15. You have missed some serious fun and games.

    First of all someone (Not naming any names here but it begins in N and ends in ails) pretending to be XRD posted an announcement proclaiming his undying homosexual love towards WreckerL.

    Then a bit of banter ensued between the scorned parties and fake XRD.

    Then I mean fake XRD posted some more self degenerating stuff on a few other threads, generally to the tune of him being gay with WreckerL and talking about the dubious employment and integrity of his sister and mother.

    Then I made a fake account pretending to be Nails and proceeded to write some rubbish and contradict a few of his posts.

    Then I got bored and admitted that I was infact the fake Nails.

    Then it all went a bit quiet.

    Nails still hasn't owned up to being the fake XRD.
  16. WreckerL let me explain. In a perfect world one would not need to keep one eye open to watch your tot, the other to observe if the war office approacheth, and any spare senses or alarms, to ward off evil children who grouse'eth you up for transgressions against recovery by means of alcohol.
    It just ain't perfect so full stop's go by the board.
    You could always kill all the aforementioned for me, that would be a real oppo'ish thing to do. :D :D

    And PS. I'm thick. :cry:
  17. Ah, so in other words, a troll with nothing better to do has graced the forum.

    Can we kill him now????
  18. I think I understand 8O who do you want me to kill :?
  19. Will publish list as soon as I have prioritised it.
    I would say kill em all but there is one or two who owe me dollar so hang fire. :D :D :D
  20. As Wrecky's lawyer I must make clear that Mrs Wrecky and the rest of the Wrecky Harem (23 attractive females in all) are seeking substantial damages for damaging their reputation and that of the Royal Marines, who, thought their spokesman, Mne Jane Squaddie issued denials.

    Please forward donations to the Wrecky Legal Fund c/o Fondue Bank, Basle.

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