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I'm not expecting much of an answer to this, due to security reasons ect. but I thought I'd give it a shot, ask anyway, and see if anyone on here has a little info to bring some light to the situation.

I've recently registered interest as a Comms apprentice on the website, and received an email saying that they're working on the IT Systems and as soon as the they're done then the applications will be emailed out, and I wondering if anyone has any idea of when this would be, or how long I should expect to be waiting for it to pop up in my mail box?


Lantern Swinger
Nothing to do with security its very public domain, the Ministry of Defence is upgrading its computer system from DII (locked down Windows XP) to something called MODNET (Seems to be Windows 7 and Office 365). lots of media commentary out there. first on the google list is this one , its a project thats still being rolled out, hence interruptions to peoples emails as they transition.

From my personal experience, the transition seems to put a couple of weeks uncertainty into whether someone has received or sent an email. If you feel you have not heard anything within a reasonable time frame, call them, the worst is that you will seem keen.

As a depressing point, your (hopefully future) department is the one we all blame for the email not working on the ship :p one of the roles of PO(CIS) is to be the onboard IT superuser/admin.

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