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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. I stated an opinion on a Newbie thread, 7 pages, mostly abuse.(105 replies)

    I asked a serious question about man power 1 page and a bit (16 replies)

    So lets try here,

    Can anyone tell me how many classes join Raleigh each week, and the average size of the class?. Thank you.
  2. Why do you want to know?? I reckon the average size, not counting girls cos they expand slightly after leaving the kitting up store, is about 6 foot, with 34 inch waists. Possibly size 9 1/2 shoes and a 57 cm head.

    The Wrens are probably slighlty smaller on joining and slightly larger on leaving.

    As to numbers of classes? [email protected]**ing thousands. (Or so it seems to me from some of the posts on this site!)
  3. Sorry, couldn't resist. To be honest I haven't a clue
  4. For HigthePig.

    Now pay attention, if you wish to know information about the Royal Navy, you are to be commended. But FFS show a little common dog.

    Write to Raleigh and ask them under the FOI act. If they cannot answer your question, then ask yourself this, do you really need to know?

    this is an UNOFFICIAL SITE, and don`t come the old shit, but they couldn`t tell me.

    Start thinking for yourselves, then you may go a long way,

    Don`t ask on here, ask Raleigh, Do you understand that simple statement?

  5. Brilliant..................and so another thread turns to shit............nice to know that so many on here have an interest about the present day manning of the Royal Navy.

    But hey we go.
  6. Two hig. Average about 30 in each. Maximum total of 66 (I think).
  7. Thanks Guzzler.
  8. Maybe if you didn't spoil other peoples threads, when asking for advice, eh?

    If you think the question is stupid, there is no need for you to answer, just ignore that thread.
  9. Sod that, if it's a stupid question it deserves a stupid answer!!
  10. Hig. In fairness ,I think you deserved some to the flack. But if you can't take a joke ...........

    However, seeing that you asked so nicely, here is the real answer to your questiion.

    44 entries per year. This consists of approx 50 to 65 per week, depending on the entry pattern and the projected manpower. These are divided into two seperate classes (Port & Starboard), normally of equal numbers. They can consist of up to 6 different brances in the same entry.

    I hope this has been useful to you.
  11. Whoever said that I couldn`t take a joke?

    But thank you for your reply, I`m quite sure that others may find it interesting.

    So it would appear ( and I may be wrong) that Supply is not keeping up with Demand, which takes me back to another question, why are entry times taking so long? Is it that there are not sufficient people joining?. Or want to join. To make up the numbers to join Raleigh?. Or the trades required?
  12. Supply is in line with demand and in most cases excedes it. That is why there are long waiting times for many of the branches.
  13. Maybe stupid to you or me, but obviously not the person asking it. If that's your attitude, I'm glad your not by boss!
  14. OK i accept that, so therefore the problem must be in retention, if that is the case, any idea of the reasons for it?
  15. Hi Hig, I like you have many times wondered why there is such a long time for recruits to pass the tests to when they actually join. I went to the recruiting office at the beginning of Feb, filled in the forms, passed the intellegence tests, and was told I would join at the end of Feb. That didn't quite happen has they changed from7 years service and 5 reserve to 9 years continuous service. So I travelled to Manchester at the beginning of April did my medical and travelled on to Collingwood overnight. Told to get as much sleep as possible on the train has it was a normal working day when we got there, getting kitted out etc.

    I had nothing when I came on earth I'm doing well I still have it.
  16. Eh?

    What's this 7/5/9 malarky?

    How come you joined up at Collingwood?

    Sorry, genuine confusion here.
  17. Ok, when i joined in 1956 there were two choices, if you were under 18 you joined for 12 years, if over 18 you joined for 7 years and 5 years as a reservist, they then changed the 7 and 5 bit to 9 years. Hope thats clear.
  18. My mistake.

    I assumed Yorkie was a newbie (should have realised not the case!).

    Although a tad before my time, I'm aware of the former engagements.

  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    PSOF !!!!!!!!!
  20. And so Hig does another flounce. Hoist on your own petard. :mrgreen:

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