It might not be everybody's cup of tea.

Ms Gaal-Holmes hopes to make a trip to Sri Lanka to work on a tea plantation there, and investigate more fully the history of tea, with its colonial ties to Britain.

'Its history is really quite bloody, because of the colonial links,' she added.
Of course, we were the only ones colonising the World and the most brutal.

A bet the bloody Yarpy doesn't mind reaping any benefits from it, though. I also bet she smells funny.

More tea Vicar?
[quote="Ms Gaal-Holmes]I like good strong tea with milk - like English Breakfast or Assam and occasionally Earl Grey.[/quote]

Two points; None of the above are strong teas, and Earl Grey with milk!!!!! Bloody heathen! (Not to mention the fact that real lovers of tea do not use teabags.)

If she wants a good strong cup of tea, she needs to try lapsang souchong. It might even inspire her to visit China, and really find something out about the history of tea.
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