It didn't take long - He's at it again...


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Who else but Lord Peter Mandelson of Hartelepool and Foy:


He and several others are having their finances looked into because it is believed he has money invested which is 'hidden' in some sort of fund called a 'Blind Trust' where it is operated and worked without his control, so that he doesn't have to declare the interest to the appropriate Parliamentary department for outside interests!

Apparently this type of investment was left out from the shake up of 'declared members interests' announced by Gollum McBroke last year after he took over the captaincy of his sinking ship... :oops: :evil:
WreckerL said:
Will he resign (again) before Goody pops it, taking bets anyone?
It's a dead cert.

I'll bet the one eyed idiot won't actually stand in teh next election either. He will resign to take up some job in the financial world so he can carry on saving the world.

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