"It didn't cross my mind that I had done anything wrong"

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Yes! Theft legalised! It will save a fortune in police and prisons!

  2. I'm a criminal lawyer..... get me out of here!

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  3. Noooooooooo. It will undermine the rule of law!

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  4. Er, I'm not sure..... I'm an MP.....

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  1. Will Julie Kirkbride's unbelievable defence of her wrongdoing become a classic defence for all criminals in court?

    "It didn't cross my mind that I had done anything wrong"

    The current issue of the Economist puts it succinctly:

  2. Try that argument with a falsified Subsistence claim! Standby for gross misconduct dismissal and, probably, goodbye Pension.
  3. Another good reason for MPs to submit all claims via JPA, and be subject to "random" audit (which always seems to randomize me). If a supposedly trusted Commissioned Officer has to do it, then so should a bloody MP.
  4. Christ try claiming incapacity benefit due to being poorly which is no fault of your own. Treated like a criminal over £60 PW.

    I'd rather suffer the pain than the indignity!!
  5. True POL, but not in the case of our honourable MPs.

    They are now acting as their very own Judge and Jury,
    in considering their very own rules.

    The arrogance of these people continues to beggar belief.

  6. No matter what she's done, if she lets me screw her, I can be very forgiving.
  7. Do you think you could claim for condoms on expenses? :lol:
  8. Considering the bare faced claim, it might be a bare backed ride!
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Apparantly She claimed £1000 on ex's to get the photo's done
  10. Having have dealings with to her a few times i wonder the phots were taken at all seeings as it would be an issue which face to photograph first!! :twisted:
  11. That's cruel. At least she didn't spend £17K of poverty stricken pensioners' tax "donations" on upgrading her servants' quarters, as it appears one senior Tory MP has done. Then again, I would expect that many Tory MPs still have servants.
  12. Whats cruel about it?? She's a 2 faced twunt like most politicians
  13. Not like a bloody lying rating then eh?
  14. ...Now hang fire. :) ....the system is faulty, if someone goes into politics it's like being a kid in a sweet shop.....what she's done is minor compared to some.Not saying it's right, but when you live inside a closed world, whatever everyone else is doing, seems normal and it's highly likely she means what she says.......right or wrong

    Kinnell, if the Nazi party and it's doings could grow from ordinary people behaving badly, this bird and others can plund er our system :roll: .....fcuking awful dress mind...... 8O

    Don't let's forget that the majority of politicians are that removed from Josephine Bloggs until the recent kick up the kharziri.......bump down to earth.....and that can hurt....... :oops:
  15. Sorry but i disagree as i spent 5 years protecting the wankers in another life. A shower of shit the lot of them and believe me i've met them all!!
  16. Disagree ? Ok, if that's been your experience, but who are 'all'- ? ......., their concept of reality is as fcuked as RJ's dhobi......I spent a week in Tory Party company some years ago as a fly on the wall, sotospeak, it was disturbing......but people can't necessarily recognise evil or bad if it's the system they walk into or live in for long enough.....see it, accept it, change it ? Would you, with all the free, unquestioned goodies ? I think we ask too much of them......how can you recognise something when it's your reality ? They are learning now, but listening to them talk, it was like their eyes read the world in a different way to normal people....
    What about those politicians who come in from the working classes ?.....ex union reps, miners etc....? Not all of them can be blind.......isn't a 'professional politician ' different to one who gets into it because of some local / personal agenda ?
  17. ....I would add here that, even Clare Short,who, to my mind, is one of the few who really gets in and fights for what she believes in with integrity,( outspoken on TV, in her book about the lead up to the Iraq war and her unrelenting criticism of Blair), has been caught out.....the media can be utter cnuts.......reliable reporting is also in question.....how much levied criticism is accurate ?

    What about the politicians who don't screw the system....it's like everything else in the world. Nothing good gets reported......
  18. I sat and had a cuppa with her just after the 1997 election and her words were "we musn't forget why we got elected". Well that fell by the wayside fairly quickly didnt it. In reference to your other post, its simple mate you go into politics with something called integrity. regardless of what you see going on around you you should always remember why you are there are that you were voted in to to good for your constituents and not the party you belong to.
  19. ....Yeah,but she couldn't do it by herself , X ! Remember also, that she resigned from the party she had spent so much of her life defending and working passionately for.....and why she left ...what is that , if not integrity.....
    You're right, about integrity, but it can get lost in any avenue in life....... the system is like a honeytrap, it takes alot of moral courage to be able to self-evaluate again and again and again....

    how is it so different to taking the odd pencil from the office stationery cupboard, 'Because everyone does it'?.......the actual crime pales into a minor demeanour.....do something evil for long enough, it becomes normal......
    You SHOULD remember how to act, for sure, but often , it's other people around you that keep the boundaries intact as much as an internal voice.......and what if that's missing ?

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