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Hi there,

I'm 23 and since the age of 16 I've been working as network admin/technician. After doing lots of research and speaking to various people I've decided that I want to join the RN. The only job that really interested me was Communications Technician, however I'd have to go and re-sit my maths GCSE before applying and then swot up for a few months in order to make the grade on the RT.

I went down to my local AFCO to get some more information. As soon as I told him my civvy job he tried to sway me into joining up as a CIS. He give me a very brief description of the job and would actually consider joining as one (if the CT route were to go wrong!)

I want to know specifically what the CIS role entails, the bloke down the AFCO was nice enough but seemed a bit clueless if I'm honest! (maybe he just wanted to shoot off home as it was friday afternoon) he told me that the job would entail "errmm things with radio links and satellite stuff..." and that theres "quite a bit of information on the RN website" :slow:

If anyone serving in CIS could give me some more information it would be greatly appreciated. I'm interested to know things like..

Your day-to-day role
specialist training
the gear you have! (i know certain things cant be disclosed)
opportunities for promotion
traveling opportunities

Ideally I would have pitched these questions to the AFCO guy but he seemed to be telling me what he thought I wanted to hear.

All advice appreciated!


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Ideally I would have pitched these questions to the AFCO guy but he seemed to be telling me what he thought I wanted to hear.

All advice appreciated!
There appears to be an element of suspicion in the advice correctly offered. Rest assured we have a surplus of applicants for all ratings trades, so it really matters little to the the AFCO which occupation you wish to pursue, we're not interested in filling recruiting targets with unwilling candidates as they simply leave. If you want to be a Comms Tech, extract your digit & ensure you achieve the academic prowess to obtain the qualifications required & indeed pass the Recruiting Test for the highest scoring trade in the Naval Service.

If you are academically ineligible for Comms Tech, the "nearest" logical non-techniical branch to that particular job is CIS, which also has a comparable waiting period to join.

Best of luck.
Hi mate my advice would be to prepare for the RT test, i believe CT is one of if not the highest pass mark, i think i got 95 on my RT and was told i only just passed, once you have passed for then look into CT.

I have a few friends i met at RNAC North (Rosyth) and they were going down the CIS route and the guys at rosyth could tell them a load about there job and what there daily life entails as for me in the CT Branch i was told very little, i believe your told little and on a need to know basis.

Having said that there is some info on this site, and i know a few squirrels come on here but dont be expecting to find out too much.

Good luck


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As a CIS rating, you wont just be responsible for the IT basic administration but also the other communications methods (vhf radio for example)

You will be similar to 1st line tech support from resetting passwords to doing daily backups.

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Cheers mate,

Yeah CT requires the highest mark of all ratings - basically it means that im going to need to practice,practice,practice! As stated CIS would be my second choice however I fear that it maybe too much like my civvy job at the minute.

At the end of the month I'm going to download loads of RT mocks - I'm sure if i practiced hard for 5/6 months I could achive the mark required.

Anymore information on CIS would be most welcome (theres no point in asking about CT as theres nothing that can be said!)

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