It can't be true!

The armed forces need a "step change" in the way they deal with allegations of bullying and harassment, and too few come forward when things go wrong, often for fear of being seen as a troublemaker, the services' new complaints watchdog warned yesterday.

In her first annual report, Susan Atkins, the service complaints commissioner, said armed forces personnel lacked confidence in the system for dealing with claims of abuse. She warned commanding officers their careers could be on the line if they failed to investigate complaints effectively.
Of course the mob deal with bullies effectively, take them round the back of the lockers and beat the living [email protected] out of them :twisted:

Why change a 200yr old tradition!
Service Complaints Commissioner, FFS, another quango and jobs for the boys (And gals obviously) sinecure.
In NZ at the mo, the new Government (Tory equivalent) is busy swathing through the ranks of the previous Governments (Labour) appointments to various organisations. Same old same old.

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