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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jack!, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hey All,

    This may seem a bit of a daft and petty question, however I was wondering - do those rather attractive looking issue trainers supplied upon entry to raleigh hinder performance much?

    It wasn't until I started wearing proper running trainers for my physical evolutions that I realised how much of a difference a decent set of footwear can make.

    They don't look too supportive, though I am sure that the RN have enough experience in these matters to know what's suitable.

    Thanks Jack!
  2. HI-Tec silver shadows shipmate! they amke you go at least twice as fast, safeguard!
  3. They are banned from the olympics due to their performance enhancing properties!!! Twelve Clips!!!
  4. For Dartmouth we got told to bring two pairs of running shoes.... do we also get silver shaddows?

    I can't wait to own a pair, the look so futuristic and stylish.
  5. Dat iz so tru init!

    I never got issued with silver shadows or the green ninja's :( I got the old skool Pony's white daps. Still got them now and wear them out as they're retro lol
  6. Them silver shadows are actually quite alright!!
    Not so fun getting the green out of them from grass stains, I cleaned and scrubbed them for ages to get the green out but went really dark coloured, so then I thought a good idea was to put a Kiwi trainer whitener on which was like tip-ex and made them go a bit too white!
  7. Oh and I always find it best to have a pair of trainers specifically for walking/indoor sports and another pair specifically for running in, some people use one pair for both but I think it shapes the trainer sole allsorts of ways.
  8. Not the sharpest tool in the box are you chisel?
  9. :lol: :lol:

    We had Reebok Royales and pussers pumps which were shite!!
  10. Never seen the boks dude. Yeah the pony daps were very uncomfortable a pain to keep white but they are so retro now! Seriously I kid you not lol
  11. Tommo things can be trial and error, so what?
  12. You gettin down wiv de kidz again tommo?? 8O
  13. Used to have 2 pair of white daps.

    One to wear to the gym, then get changed into a pristine pair for inspection and gym work. Then for track work change back into not so pristine white daps for outside stuff.

    Do trainers with nice names like Silver Shadows and Green Ninja's make you run faster then? :wink: :lol:
  14. Silver Shadows are just the shite they can't sell in civvy street, if we can get chav's to wear them there's a possibility of a nice little earner, Burberry did alright out of the mutants
  15. They were trainers and not daps for starters so were far better for running in. Although I never had a pair so I can only tell ya what the lucky ******* who did said. They were less hassle to keep clean than the daps that's for sure!
  16. Hi-Tec silver shadows are for neutral runners, only 30% of the population fall into this category.
  17. Silver Shadows might have something to do with a high number of injuries from running, or so the physio says.

    They are appalling pieces of footwear, and I wouldn't choose to run in them. You will need to bring at least one other set of trainers for BRNC, Silver Shadows are used as uniform trainers for PT sessions and Period Zeroes, personal trainers are used for Sport.
  18. Take some insoles. Happy days.
  19. I've heard now that silver shadows were once issued for Ocdts at Sandhurst, but after having lots of injuries, they have seen the light and now they issue PT-03s. Personally I think these trainers are pretty good...and usually the army gets it wrong on so many things!
  20. Total carp, as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

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