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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm between drafts at the moment and so have no access to the defence intranet or JPA as I don't have an office and I've never been issued a Dii account. I'm doing ISSC shortly and have been told the joining instructions are in 2012DIN07-093. I have no access to this - would someone be really kind and PM it to me as an attachment? I spent the entire morning running round Portsmouth trying to get on the system buy with a Dii account it's a no-go!
Turn up to Phoenix Building at 0745 on the monday morning, ask the staff which course you are on and off you go. Make sure you bring the full set of gear you need, IIRC you could be doing any of the 3 modules on the Monday.

Failing that, and if you don't start on Monday, ring 02392 722351 and ask the MoD Operator to speak to the ISSC course office at Phoenix on Whale Island.
Cheers for that, I do start on Monday, hence my issue, I've been trying all week to get some JI's. I take it gear is 4s and respirator or am I forgetting something? It's been 4 years since my last one so it's hard to remember!
plus swimkit (and thermal t-shirt) for sea survival/DRIU, plus shower kit for whatever training you're doing. This time of year I'd also take a thermos to warm-up during stand-easy/lunch.
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