Israeli conflict, the killing of two women

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Once again Israel is in the news for shooting two unarmed women.
    Seems that these women were preventing the Israeli army from pursuing armed gunmen into a mosque.
    It seems to me that these women by doing this have formed themselves into a militia and must take the consequences. Why is it that the muslim population seem to think that by entering a mosque with weapons they should be protected and infidels should not be allowed to enter?
    My view is that once weapons are taken into a mosque its purpose should be automatically changed from a place of worship to a place of war or fortress.
    These woman are now considered martyrs I hope that the Israelis make many more of them.
  2. in which case its perfectly legit to put C4 all around the building and collapse it.

  3. I could be wrong, but I think a place of worship loses its protected status under the Geneva Conventions if used as a fortification/weapon emplacement etc.

    Anyway, have Hamas signed the Geneva Conventions? If not then they are not bound by it or protected by it.
  4. It didn't save the box heads in the eagle has landed did it? Hide in a church? communal wine? touch your organ sir?
  5. Naughty Israel. Tut, tut. :eek:
  6. Either they are innocent women or an active part of the militia. They cannot expect to play it both ways, when they volunteer martyrs. I think the Israeli's need some practice at the range as there were a lot of shots fired!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Rince - you must be one of those Gung-Ho hero-types! :wink:

    I would most humbly suggest that it be dropped 'accidentally' by a stray 105 from a few miles back! Less chance of being hacked down by the natives! :twisted:

  8. Big boys(and girls)games, big boys rules.
    At least they won't be dropping any more sprogs who grow up to be suicide bombers.
    Wonder if they get 72 virgin men?
  9. They are all based at Camberley!

  10. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that from the video I saw the women were shot after the crowd had started to fall back, and as a result the two killed were shot in the back. The Israeli government spokesperson seemed quite shocked and implied that it was not part of the ROE to open fire in such circumstances. Equally it was not possible to see the armed men amongst the women the Israeli Army claimed were there, and if they were there one would have thought they would have been shot first.

  11. So Peter these armed men could not possibly have been disguised as women and hiding their weapons under their clothes?
  12. Entirely possible, but not strictly relevant. Unless of course the Israeli soldiers were acting under the part of their ROE that states "Any women wearing voluminous robes with their faces covered should be shot, in the back preferably, just.. you know.. in case."
  13. If this was the case how did the Israelis know they were there, borrowed supermans x-ray specs? Also if the Israelis knew they were there in such disguise why did they not shoot them rather than the women?

    The real question for me is why the Israelis started to shoot to kill after the mob had turned to flee, on the footage I saw no one fell until they had turned back, and then the Israelis stareted to kill, a heros triumph, unarmed women shot in the back.

  14. This happened at the stoning in life of brian, except they wer ewomen disgusied as men. But of course, tehy were really male actors in the main, playing women, playing men.

    You know, the middle east is a complex problem isn't it comrades. Why not, and this is just an idea, kill everybody in syria, lebanon and isreal, just as a starting point.
  15. My understanding is that the mob were not fleeing. They were assisting in the escape of terror suspects. They should have treated them in the same way as the palastinians would have treated the jews, shot the lot of them.
  16. I watched the news footage, the women started their march to the mosque and kept going when the Iraelis fired their first warning shots, but when the shots came closer almost as one the turned and ran, only then did the bodies start falling, after they had been turned back, a real mans war.

  17. So then Peter, enlighten me. How did these gunmen escape from the mosque when the Israelis had it surrounded?
    I am under the illusion that their escape was made possible by mingling with the women protesters. For protesters please read combatants
    Or are the terrorists now being given invisability cloaks?
  18. I would put it down to the fact the Israeli army is a shadow of it's former self and is not really able to shoot it out with real fighters who are prepared to die for their cause, they would rather shoot women.

  19. So the Israeli army have degenerated to a bunch of cowards. I suppose that the Palestinians are the real heroes of the conflict, firing at random on Jewish settlements and then running and hiding in mosques and behind women when it comes to retribution time.
    I make no apologies for being fully behind our Yiddish brothers in arms.
  20. Wrapped up like they are its hard to tell which direction the are facing, covered face is all part of the terrorist / ned uniform.

    If we put ourselves in a war situation then turn and run when the first shot is fired we get shot as cowards, but if they do it then everything stops until they get to first base??? Don't think so...I'm with you Slim.

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