Israel enters, stage right!


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I'm getting the impressions the yanks are a touch weak on the international front at the moment, too much navel gazing going on.
Think the Yanks have had their fingers burnt once too often recently so that "Joe Septic" is getting fed up with all international police work that doesn't seem to be affecting the price of burgers or whatever in New York. Obama is under pressure to sort out his own sh*t without getting involved in another feud between the warring Arabs - and the phone bugging charges oof Merkel ain't going to help him either! Especially as according to the news I heard today that Putin is supposedly now the most powerful man in the world knocking Obama off hit top spot

The Israeli's will aways hit first and worry about it afterwards especially where they feel threatened so I am not surprised if they've gone in and taken missiles out ... I have no doubt that their inteligence will be accurate ... just hope that Syria has paid for them before Israel took them out otherwise they might be having a visit from the Kremlin heavies!
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