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I expect that all the bike racing fans out there have returned to normal after this year's brilliant TT races.
Anyone going to the other superb racefest on Mona's Isle in August, the Classic TT? Myself and two mates have hired a van, fettled the Honda XRs and are counting down the days, looking forward to an amazing roadracing event. If you're going, see you there!


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The day has come. Collecting the van at 1300 hours, spending the afternoon loading bikes, camping gear,beer, etc, then off to Liverpool tonight for the Isle Of Man ferry. Anyone else going? I'll be in the L T Baynham hire van, see you out there!


Home safe, a great week's racing. Fell off once, (tight turn, wrong gear,)
Can't wait to go back next year!

Thank your lucky stars it was a tight turn and therefore only warp speed 5 instead of 9. Kudos to you for taking on that course. I have on my computer a video taken from Guy Martin's bike with him commentating. I keep having too many OMG moments to watch it often.


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Friend from school died (Davey Lambert) there this year, only takes a moments error. Not for the faint hearted.
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Don't get the idea I fell off a race bike! Bloody hell, I'm 64 next month, I haven't been on a racer in years. I have been round the track at speed, many moons ago, scared myself shitless! The Mountain Course is for a very special breed of rider, exceptional talent mixed with a certain amount of lunacy and a huge amount of bravery.
I came off my Honda XR400R enduro bike. Warp 5? 5mph more like!

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