Islamic protests English vers Scotish

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. You can see by the pics the cops are pissed off same as the rest of us!!
  2. So they don't like our Police nor our Christian Nation. First prize should be an assisted passage back to their point of origin in close formation with their nearest and dearest.

    This is a recording.
  3. I'm trying to imgine how passive the UAE cops would be to a group of Brits calling for the Death of Emiratis, or inciting aggression against Sheikhs Maktoum or Al Nayhan.

    They would quite rightly kick the shit out of them (UAE Cops are not routinely armed, but they do wear bloody big boots!), followed by a hefty jail sentence followed by deportation.

    The patience of the honest British Bobby is sorely tested with these muppets.
  4. The Nanny state syndrome that allows this sort of behaviour to take place on the streets of the UK is one of the reasons that I now live in Cyprus!
    Let one of their children go missing, or their home get burgled, and I wonder who they'll call for help ......... oh yes ......... the police!!
  5. A broken record even ;)
  6. Or indeed, the benefit of living in a democratic state.

    People have for years exploited the freedom of speech inherent in an open democracy to call for the breakdown of that same structure; communists, anarchists, RCs, Daily Mail journalists and now Muslims...
  7. I disagree with your generalisation that Daily Mail Journos and Fanatical Muslims are somehow equal.......Daily Mail Journos are a damn sight more hated than that!
  8. Karma, I take it by RCs you mean Roman Catholics, if so I also surmise that you are refering to the NI issue, if so please be aware that it was not only RCs who were involved in the republican movement, (I admit that they accounted for a very large %, but by no means all). You must also take into account that the Loyalists also had their fair share of terrorists, who were predominantly protestant, who were by their actions working towards the breakdown of open democracy and the freedom of speech the people of the UK have become so used to.
  9. Indeed, that serves to illustrate that these things are rarely as simple, clear cut and black& white as some would have us believe.
  10. If they dont like it then they can fuck off back to an Islamic country where they can kill each other in the name of Islam!
  11. If only they would it would save lives and a bloody fortune! :farao:
  12. If only they would it would save lives and a bloody fortune! :farao: :farao:
  13. To be honest I don't think that is probably the case, I suspect that because we are perhaps more welcoming the extremists have less meat to work on, and equally the place to protest isLondon so the extremists we have, and I am sure we do have them, are more likely to turn up amongst their brethern in Egland than stand out like a spare ***** at a wedding up here

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