Islamic Civilization

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. So this it what the Muslim's want us to accept in the UK

    Khaleej Times 5/3/07


    PS get past the local news this is a brillant paper
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  3. Same here
  4. Any chance of you cutting and pasting?
  5. Ah thats better, I can see it now!

    Bl00dy hell!
    Oh well, if thats their law, so be it I suppose, although it seems very harsh to me as a "Westerner".
  6. Slim

    I knew not to expect sense from you. You obviosly do not have daughters.

  7. If this incident had occurred in another country in the Middle East, lets say Iran for arguments sake, it would probably have made it into the news here within the hour, but due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is considered a ‘key ally’ in the region I suspect this one will just be swept under the carpet.

    I suspect this may illustrate another case of double standards in regards to our dealings with Saudi Arabia and other ‘in favour‘ countries within that troubled region?
  8. No time for anybody that does not enjoy a pint down the pub!!

    So that leaves the hislamthingies out the picture.

    Reading that the equiv would be having nice goodies in the household and scumbag and friends decide to redistribute the wealth. So the judge also blames you for having the goodies.

    Anybody found guilty of rape should be castrated same way the cat was done on the farm welding gloves razor blade and iodine and see you in three weeks time when you have stopped running.

    And before you say a word it was not me it was the Gentleman farmer!! Better known as _ _ _ _ face.

    I recall Iraq allowed to Chem bomb the Kurds because they where a friendly nation kinda?? Naughty naughty don't do that again.
  9. There is nothing to "sweep under the carpet", its none of our business is it.
    no its not very nice, but thats the way Sharia Law is.
  10. Nutty I have a divorced daughter with three kids, two ,who are of preschool age. She works full time and has never claimed benefits :smile:
  11. Whilst I agree this horrific incident is very little to do with us, there is, or perhaps should be, an argument to support greater transparency of reporting in the British press in order to inform us all of events in the Middle East. Without an honest account we may, after all, base our decision making on less than all the facts. Does that ring any bells?

    If your ‘it’s not our business’ attitude is adopted event in Saudi Arabia, or any other country for that matter, will not be exposed and governments will not be brought to account for their actions.

    You stated that this is ‘none of our business’. I think this comment is further from the truth than you know. The ignoring of this incident is our business: the recent bribery debacle and the continuation of Defence contracts with Saudi Arabia needs this issue not to surface. A frank exposure of their subscription to ritual torture and summary executions, disregard for basic human rights, and lack of tolerance would be another very bad for business and defence diplomacy!

    The reason that this abhorrent treatment of an innocent rape victim won’t arrive in your living room on the 6 o’clock news is that it’s not a good day for bad Saudi news - regardless of the topic.
  12. I think Nutty was making the point that this is Sharia law and do we want our fair Country to be governed by it. Considering the number of Islamic fanatics here who would go for that, its a good question. Accepting that some of its tenets would cure some of our soft liberal ills, the phrase "over my dead body springs to mind".
  13. WE do not want Sharia law here, but nor should we desire any fundamentalist religious law. Also it is worth bearing in mind that the KSA's interpretation of the Koran results in injustices like this which would simply not arise in more moderate Muslim states.

    The Koran is similar in many parts to our own Bible, which is hardly surprising given their origins. The Bible itself prescribes death to victims of rape too (Deut. 22:21). Inerrant Christians who claim to believe in the literal truth of the whole OT & NT logically must support stoning rape victims and killing any children who curse them, set out in the Mosiac law. Christ himself told his followers to obey all the laws of the OT after all! (Matthew 5:17-18) (Next time your teenage son says Damn! the Bible requires you to kill him if you believe in Biblical inerrancy, as supporters of the Christian Institute do (see item B for example), many of whom have children, incidentally).

    So you see, Muslim fundamentalists are not so very different from our own fundamentalists: both are minority groupings within their respective religious ideologies and in both ideologies (or religious belief as the faithful call it) killing the innocent is all part of God's Law!
  14. Its got nothing to do with the fact that it has happened in Saudi, it happens in any country ruled by Sharia Law. Basic Human Rights are subjective.
    Thats what I meant by "none of our business".
    If you want transparency in the media, start by getting the "Currant Bun" to explain EXACTLY what its so-called campaign was that got us our "Inflation Busting" pay rise!!
    Its no use taking snippets of Sharia Law and saying "Look at these heathens, look what they do to each other". Take a look at what WE do to each other. Rapists getting out after months in jail instead of years, convicted paedophiles being allowed to live in secrecy amongst the rest of society just because they have signed a bloody register. I'm not defending Sharia Law by any means, but its a bit rich us lot having a go at it when our own country is going to rack and ruin.
  15. The alternative is paedophiles going underground. If the Police know of their whereabouts potential victims are much safer that were offenders to disappear - the result of a local community knowing their whereabouts... and hounding them out of the area. This is not a solution to a complex problem. Nor is disproportionate sentencing because of the impact it has upon juries' verdicts and their likelihood to believe victims.

    What the KSA do in their country is their own business, subject to the observation of international law which is binding upon all states. The problem however is that the KSA is not democratic and the legitimacy of it rule unsound. This lack of legitimacy erodes any claims it may make to equitable recognition of its laws in the international sphere and to the legitimacy of its interpretation of Sharia law, which is NOT the same throughout all Muslim states where it operates. Indeed the Prophet Mohammed himself showed exceptional compassion towards repenting offenders (and victims) in a manner not reflected in contemporary interpretations of Sharia.
  16. I challenge the right of the original poster (much though I like him) to head this thread Islamic Civilisation without at the very least adding exclamation marks and/or inverted commas. IMHO this is only one tiny aspect of 'Islamic Civilisation' as anyone who has visited the Alhambra, sat on the floor of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul or wandered round the main square where the storytellers ply their trade in Marrakesh will tell you.

    Saudi Arabia is a currupt backwards wealthy country where the government in power ghastly though it seems is probably marginally less terrible than the one that would be elected were the people to be given a free vote. (Got that point off a radio 4 prog about women in Saudi last week).

    The fact that we give these bigots whose way of life is so despicable that it engendered Al Quaida military support is I presume only because its a way of maintaining contact with the Saudi government and maintaining some influence in the region. Oh and let's not forget that we do a lot of business with them (where on earth is the vomiting emoticon when you need it?)

    I've known several people who worked in Saudi and they are/were having secret affairs and drinking and all the rest of it and we all know the sad tale of that poor nurse who got thrown out of the window.

    Anyway best end this 'cos this rant is putting up my blood pressure by the minute ...

    Let's not forget as well that the abuse of women takes place anyway with or without Sharia Law.
  17. Savages!
    I knew a lovely Saudi girl who was studying at Plymouth Uni. we were all out in Fandango one night and she was dancing up a storm and loving it. Afterwards I commented on where she learned to dance and she said in her bedroom, she was allowed to do nothing at home and her 3 brothers were out shagging and drinking and doing what they liked. Her Dad found out that she tried a cigarette and he choked her, while her spinless prick borthers watched, he choked her until she blacked out. The scary part was that she accepted it.
    What manner of a man would choke his daughter for that?
    I am not worried about sharia law in UK though, they/we will never allow it, no matter how far down the tubes you think the UK is going, it will nevr adopt this barbaric law.
    Good job too, as a side note, I was in Malaysia working with an Indonesian guy recently and he is a christian living in a majority muslim country. His family had a dog, and one day the mad mullah's decide that dogs are dirty and should not be kept as pets, simple as that, they came around and took all dogs away. I asked what they did and he said "why do you think we are allways fighting on TV? That's what would happen in UK too, intelligent people cannot live under laws that were designed in the dark ages.
  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What strikes me as interesting is that Saudi, as a Sunni state, has been the main exponent of Wahhabi - the most extreme form of Islam - for many years, as demonstrated many time over in incidents such as the post. However, not being content with this form of Islam within their own country, they have been actively promoting and far more importantly, funding, exponents of their sect around the world. Guess who has been the biggest benefactor? Yes in deed, a certain Mr O bin Laden.

    Imagine their embarrasment when their chief protege and recipient of all those petro-dollars anounces that the Saudi's own regime has become tainted, they are all non believers for allowing US troops on their soil, and as a reult he is declaring a Fatwah on the Saudi dynasty.

    What did another monethiesm say about this..

    "as ye sow, so shall ye reap....."

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