ISIS wanting to come home.

^Talk of the Devil, she bore the name of this lend-lease carrier from back in day -


Only spotted that gem whilst seeking a particular quote from Captain Jack Broome* DSC who skippered <<... the escort carrier HMS Begum in 1942–1944. Begum served with the Eastern Fleet. Her aircraft sank a particularly troublesome U-Boat in the Indian Ocean late in 1944, for which Broome was Mentioned in Dispatches. He was also awarded the Burma Star for his service in Indian waters...>>


Amongst other accomplishments the role model for Jack Walker's Cruel Sea character & the author of these:
  • Make a Signal, Putnam, 1955
  • Make a Signal, Putnam, 1961.
  • McTuff at the top, Putnam, 1961.
  • Convoy is to Scatter (autobiographical work), William Kimber, 1972, ISBN 0-7183-0332-6
  • Make Another Signal, William Kimber, 1973, ISBN 0-7183-0193-5
  • Services Wrendered, William Kimber, 1974, ISBN 0-7183-0373-3
By gum! That ISIS lass's case is back in the headlines , , ,

<<... Major implications
Two years ago, the then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped Ms Begum of her citizenship, following the collapse of the IS regime.

The Court of Appeal ruled last July Ms Begum had been denied a fair opportunity to challenge that decision because she could not make her case from the camp.

The government then asked the Supreme Court to reconsider the Court of Appeal's ruling - so Friday's outcome has potentially major implications for Ms Begum's case and others like it..

...Five justices must decide whether the only fair way she can challenge that decision is to allow her back to take part in the case. . . >>

Perhaps she'll travel back locked up in the brig of TS Royalist on one of those mysterious 'Shackles Cruises' ??



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