ISIS Crisis?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jun 30, 2014.

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  1. Right then you lot. After reading this ISIS militants outline chilling five-year plan for global domination | Mail Online I am getting very worried. One of the reasons Mrs S-B and myself live in Spain is the virtually constant sunshine or at least consistently good weather. Another is the cheap booze and excellent pork products. If these raggy headed twats try to claim Spain as part of this so called caliphate, these two items would be the first to go!

    I think we need to think about some kind of Dad’s Army type reaction. Now we do not have to worry about the Guardia Civil or the Police objecting, as they are the most racist of the lot. At any road block on any day, our raggy headed cousins are seen being lined up. This is actually no bad thing as they recently caught a really bad AQ guy. Safeguard.

    Anyway, do we need a plan? Much as the Wild Geese thread next door, do we need a load of rufty tufty ex matelots and booties to enter Spain or Gib on package holidays, get tooled up, then take to the hills to await secret orders?

    We would be able to offer some accommodation in the short term, at least until a formal beachhead had been established. I have zeroed my trusty unregulated .22 while waiting for something decent, say 7.62ish. Should we kick things off now as a pre-emptive strike, while it is ramadamdingdong?
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  2. Can we give a few years until the junior JFH parasites flee the nest and me & Mrs JFH get our ffing lives back?
  3. Just pull up a sun lounger and watch. All the other Arab and Islamic countries will be getting twitchy and grouping up on ISIS (or whatever they call themselves). We could sit on top of the rock and just watch the glow in the night sky while they all batter themselves to death.
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  4. :happy1:............
  5. Just discovered the Fire and Security Services in our flat are supplied by ISIS Poole. Better get the grabbox ready.

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