Is your brain sex different from your body sex?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Yes my brain tells me I'm a Lesbian, however i don't wear Doc Martens, Dungarees and can't stand Greenpeace so I think mixed messages may be occuring!
  2. Sometimes my brain says to have sex but my body cant.

    Must start reducing the intake of Old Speckled Hen.
  3. Oh dear, 10/20.
    Does that mean I'm supposed to be bi-sexual.
    Bit late at my age, I'll stick with the missus.
  4. I scored a 5 but I'm a lesbian 'cos I like sleeping wiv wimmin
  5. Bugger all this, I just found out women can orgasm in their sleep! Bloody been seen off again grrrr
  6. Just took the test and achieved a big feminine score of 15 Does this mean that I'm actually a woman trapped in a mans body? It could explain why I have this compulsion to create a 'skin suit' from my female victims that I like to wear on a weekend and at Mess Functions. Anyway the questions had a definite feminine leaning. There were no questions on beer, vomit, curry, kebabs, frenzied and habitual masturbation, porn or fishing. What a load of old w*nk!
    PS: If I am going to have to live the rest of my life my life as a woman then I will freely take it up the arse on a daily basis, swallow with relish and take on gangbangs with all holes filled vacuum test airtight shenanigans.
  7. I got 4, you big poof, but it's only 'cos I can multitask due to being ambidextrous, and I don't collect and catalogue things, due to not being autistic (well, apart from the anti-social aspect).
  8. Yeah, it's a good one this......I asked a female colleague of mine what do lesbians do when they're with a 'friend' - well we kiss, and touch, and have this overriding urge to fcuk each other's brains out etc.etc., It was then that I realised I was probably a lesbian too.......must get my makeup sorted out...
  9. id give my right arm to be ambidexterous
  10. I got 10, does that mean im bi? holy shit....
  11. Brain sex ? Body sex ? If Herr Indoors knew half of my dreams, I'd've been singing soprano in the choir thirty odd years ago, courtesy of numerous broken bottles...........................

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