Is William still in the Army?


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In light of the day's events i would feel that there are more pressing issues than whether a 1 pip wonder wearing his rig. Not a dig whatsoever but our thoughts should be with the families of the dead!!


Of course he is not , do we realy think they would be put in any danger in theatre , know fxxxxxxxxg way , just would'nt happen , it would be a farce looking after them , I'ts a joke when you think about it ,
nutty_bag said:
Or maybe like his uncle Edward he cant hack the forces life. Not so Royal Marines uncle Edward!!

I remember a mate of mine from Royal, who when asked about Edward jacking it in said "Well mate, you can turn a frog into a Prince but you cant turn a Prince into a Marine"



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One of my training team at CTC gave us the lowdown on how he wrapped his tits in. Something to do with too many press ups in a stream or something. Dondon do you think they will keep William out of the army until we follow the yanks and withdraw our forces then?? The young son of Hewitt is kicking up a stink about being allowed to play out with the big boys in theatre. He would certainly get my respect if he put his foot down and deployed with his unit.


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A very senior royal was killed in action in WW1 and Prince Andrew was in the Falklands War - While William may be 'looked after' I reckon Harry will go to war if/when the opportunity presents itself