Is time up for Prince Andrew, Duke of York?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. He has obviously been keeping some very insalubrious company and as a representative of our country he should do the honourable thing and go now.

    Channel 4 News:

    Pressure is mounting on Prince Andrew following further revelations about his 16-year friendship with US financier Jeffrey Epstein who was jailed for 13 months for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. It is after pictures emerged of the prince meeting Epstein in New York in December last year.

    the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has said that her ex-husband the Duke of York arranged for Epstein to pay £15,000 she owed to her former personal assistant, Johnny O’Sullivan.

    Former Minister for Europe Chris Bryant called Prince Andrew “a national embarrassment.
    My worry is that, sometimes when he goes on these trips, I am not sure whether he is helping us out or he is just helping himself."
    He added: "The truth is we shouldn't be using him for these delegations any more."

    On Sunday it emerged that the prince had entertained Sakher el-Materi, the son-in-law of Tunisian dictator Zine-al-Abidine, just weeks before the countrys revolution.

    A Downing Street spokesperson has said that the prince has Camerons full support, well Cameron needs to show some balls and say it how it is, that this man should not be representing our country in any shape or form.

  2. So what Finks, I note that some politicians are calling his behaviour dishonourable.....Looking at the majority of past and present MP's they've no room to criticise this paragon of Naval virtue.
    The only fault that man ever made was to marry Fergie, he should have stuck to his guns, married Koo Stark and had a topless wedding.
    Apart from that minor fault, he is his fathers son, and a shining beacon to all.

  3. Excellent post Squire, if I see you in the Admiral Benbow when I am ashore with my old shipmate Billy Bones I'll stand you a firkin.
  4. He wasnt "man" enough for Fergie and couldnt handle her, she was a bit wild...........and still is. BUT he was a bit of a prat when at Portland in the early 80's on 772 NAS and still acts it today. Fathers son, oh the "slitty eye" man!
  5. I'm sure the Foreign Business men who like to be wined and dined/groomed for business with UK Plc companies much prefer shaking the hand and having photo ops with a chubby Royal with questionable friends, (Come on who amongst us hasn't procurred underage prostitutes? What Just me then!!:glasses9:) than with a 'Who he' MP.:slow:
  6. Did he know the geeezer was a convicted sex offender? And he was photographed with his arm around a 17 yr old...I ******* wish!!!!
  7. Wish to have your arm around a 17 year old - pray tell why?
  8. Preciseamundo. Politicians are all a bunch of karnts and if Andy is better at selling weapons/architects/and any other British stuff to foreigners than Dave and co then let him get on with it.
  9. Remember that he has to drum up business for UK Plc. wherever he is wound up and pointed. Hang on in there.

    Besides, what else would he do? Times are hard enough and airmiles hard to come by these days.
  10. Abolish his expense account and allowances and let him keep 5% of the hundreds of millions of pounds of business he earns for UK plc. Problem solved.
  11. As the legal age in the UK is 16 why not?
    Epstein's case was more statutory rape, ie underage sex, with a pro who lied. He likes 'em young and can afford to pay for it, good taste or propriety it's probably not, but it's no more than other rich guys do.
    The Sheiks and shakers and movers in the Middle East lurve being chatted up by Andy and would give an expenses massaging twunt like Chris Bryant, who it must be remembered showed off his goods in his undies on gay dating site 'Gaydar' (Very upmarket, indeed! "Hello pot this is kettle, condition black over." ) the heave ho sharpish.
    Still perhaps Phil the Greek could be wheeled out..."Er, so any of you sand monkies interested in an Arms for oil deal then? Eh, eh?":slow:
  12. All we seem to be doing is funding Andies playboy lifestyle in the form of expenses.
    Would love to know how much he has contributed to British exports. wonder if it comes close to covering his expenses?
  13. His Green fees alone could probably keep a 2 adults, 2 kids family in comfort for a year.:-D
  14. Come on Slim, you seem to be loosing your sense of humour, his total contribution to the UK economy after expenses is greater than £7.50p.
    Clearly from an entertainment perspective he's worth his weight.....and don't forget that for a mere £500,000 his Ex will come to your Gaff/Hanger and "Open Doors" for you.
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  16. Apparently, the Duke of York and his entourage have been paid £4m in expenses over the past 10 years but, whatever you think of him...

    Somehow, I doubt the Duke would have had the necessary credibility or influence when schmoozing foreign royalty or glad-handing heads of government, other politicians and international business leaders if he hosted them in downmarket B&Bs and didn't engage with them at trade fairs, on the golf course or at prestigious (i.e. expensive) events like glitzy sports events. That's the way of the world in the rarified atmosphere of big business.

    As I said before, perhaps it would be better to pay him a 5% commission on the business he earns for UK plc. He'd be rolling in it but this might seem a rather 'undignified' way to treat a member of our Royal Family. On balance, I'm quite happy to see things continue the way they are. As a wise man once said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  17. He is purely the "networker" introducing interested parties to each other, he wouldnt have the common dog to be capable of anything else, he is one of those ********* who state "dont you know who I am"... and throws the rattle out of the pram if he doesnt get his own way
  18. Oddly enough, he speaks very highly of you. Have you ever met? ^~
  19. I don't think anyone is crediting Andrew with any real business acumen, he's there so that movers and shakers can gat a photo taken of them with cheesy grins shaking hands to put on their baby grand piano to impress the neighbours and general schmoozing duties, if that gets the big buck deals signed off, he's cheap at half the price buffoon or not.

    :queen: = :evil3:
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  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    NZB: Exactly the same reason HMS xxxxx does a Cocktail Party every time she goes alongside in a foreign port...

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