Is this true or made up

Seems a little strange they have the bit about the whistle blower in comments, and they state "Today we reveal the dramatic fears of a young submariner so shocked by what he saw and heard", but nothing about the main article is available on line.


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Young William is probably just starting to realise the world of shit he has wrote himself into. I have to wonder what was going through his head when he though it was a good idea to copy material and write up a pile of dog toffee. I imagine some time behind bars might be coming his way.

On the plus side I'm sure all the lads onboard will thank him for improving the experience of living and working on a bomber.
Aye, Wits...and now that he has surrendered himself to the authorities I guess it won't be long before sub judice is invoked on further RR/ARRSE comments regarding this peculiar case.

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